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Conquer summits all over the world together with local certified guides!

Enjoy all the wondrous beauty of nature while challenging yourself to climb through a variety of mountain terrains. Get in touch with your guide today and plan smoothly your next authentic adventure!

Your next MOUNTAIN CLIMBING adventure starts here

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FAQs: Mountain Climbing

What should I know about Mountain Climbing ?

Mountain climbing is the process of getting to the top of mountains regardless of what is in between you and the summit. The sport may be practiced year-round and all seven continents have great opportunities for climbers of all levels. At its most basic, mountain climbing is a form of advanced hiking. At its most challenging, the sport requires you to traverse glaciers, climb rock faces or ice falls, cross crevasses or scramble up boulders. Regardless, it is always best always to go mountain climbing with an experienced guide. This way you will maximize your enjoyment, learn about the local area and travel safely in areas that may have unseen dangers.

Why should I choose Mountain Climbing for my outdoor adventure?

Explore the World

There are mountain ranges on all seven continents and mountain climbing expeditions can take you to the top of each one of them. Whether it is your first time or you are a seasoned pro, there’s something out there for you.

Get Great Views

You haven’t reached the top if you can still go up is the primary creed of mountain climbers. Once you reach the summit, the (oftentimes) panoramic views of your surrounding will make all the challenges of climbing completely worthwhile.
**Excellent Exercise **

Mountain climbing is both physically and mentally demanding exercise. During an expedition, you will work out all parts of your body. You may have to pull yourself up rock walls, maintain your balance on narrow ridges and hike for kilometers at a time all in one day.

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A really excellent service provided by Mitja, who sourced the fantastic mountain guide Peter Jeromel. Both provided superb advice and we were able to create a challenging but achievable climb of Triglav in winter conditions.



We had an amazing time. Our guide gave us many information about the regions flora and fauna. Even though the sight at the very top wasn't so good this day, the climb up was vey exciting. Thanks a lot.



Chika is a perfect guide!



Varesco was a fantastic guide! Very talented and kind. Couldn’t have been happier :)


Patrick was a great guide! Flawless ascent/descent which we enjoyed very much. Thanks

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Need Assistance?

Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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