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Rock Climbing in Bilbao

Whether you want to climb by the coast and get breathtaking views of the ocean, or go inland to enjoy fascinating mountain scenery, this place has it all!

Bilbao, Basque Country’s capital, is a port city surrounded by green mountains that invite us to spend good times outdoors. It is a location with a wide variety of rock climbing itineraries. So, if you want to challenge your skills as an expert, or improve them as a beginner, you will find what you are looking for. Here are the best guided rock climbing trips in Bilbao and the Basque Country!

Top rock climbing trips | Bilbao:


There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Bilbao

Bilbao extends along the Ria del Nervión, which was the main factor in the industrialization process that took place in the area between the 19th and 20th centuries. This route has become the backbone of Bilbao.


Good to know:

Country Code (Spain)




Best time to visit

Spring and Summer (from March to September)


Spanish is the official language but in Bilbao you can also find locals that speak Catalan, Galician and, of course, Basque


Bilbao has pleasant summers (which attracts many tourists) and long cold winters. Temperatures usually vary from 5°C to 24°C during the year

How to get there

Bilbao is a communications center between the north of the Iberian Peninsula with the rest of Spain. Therefore, it has options for cars, buses, trains, airplanes and ferries

More info about Rock Climbing in Bilbao:

The main cities of the Basque Country, including Bilbao, are surrounded by the beautiful Basque Mountains that are part of the Cantabrian Mountain Range. Although the highest point is only 1551 meters high (in the Aizkorri massif), Bilbao and all its surroundings offer impressive green and rugged landscapes, with limestone and granite elevations, vast forests, rivers and waterfalls that make it a perfect area for rock climbing, no matter your physical or technical level


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