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Snowshoeing in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Extend your hiking season into the snowy depths of alpine winter

Renowned worldwide as the cradle of mountaineering, Chamonix also offers endless opportunities for hiking and snowshoeing. The size and versatility of snowshoes gets you greater access to the trails of Chamonix than skiing or snowboarding due to density of trees or low snow conditions. January and February are ideal months to visit.  

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Nicole Patro


February, 2023

Snowshoe walks in Chamonix Mont Blanc

In the trip booking, having additional clarity on what type of hike it will be would be greatly appreciated (distance, time, intensity, etc.)



January, 2023

Chamonix half day snowshoeing private tour

Bruno our guide was very helpful and profesional

Frank Van Nieulande


January, 2022

Chamonix full day snowshoeing private tour

Emma is a very humble guide in a good way. Always in a good mood full of laughter who puts safety first and in for a good story about her previous adventures. We enjoyed her company a lot! Thanks Emma we had a wonderful time. Greetings Frank

Paul Connolly


March, 2019

Chamonix full day snowshoeing private tour

Emma was very easy to communicate with (once we we able e in the same time zone, of course!). Our guide Phil was fabulous. Thanks to all.

Jule Mansfield


January, 2019

Chamonix full day snowshoeing private tour

We booked 3 full days of private showshoeing in Chamonix. Emma Jack was very responsive to our inquiry during booking and our emails leading up to our trip. We were paired with a local guide, Sebastian, who was very knowledgeable about the Chamonix area and picked the perfect spots for us to snowshoe each day based on the weather and snowfall accumulation. I highly recommend booking your trip with Emma Jack and would use her again if we return.



April, 2018

Snowshoe walks in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Fantastic day out snow shoeing with Mark in Chamonix. he was really knowledgeable and personable too. It was a full day of walking and we saw some incredible sights. I would definitely recommend it

Vijay and Rosheen


March, 2018

Chamonix half day snowshoeing private tour

Excellent start for us in snow shoeing with Phil our guide who kept things nice and easy - an enjoyable activity to redo.

Siti Aminah Othman


December, 2017

Chamonix half day snowshoeing private tour

We had fun on that day!! The sun was shining all the way the there’s a lot of snow ? my kids enjoy the trip. All of the arrangement up to the guide is very professional handled & we enjoy the company..and will definitely booked with explore share again..keep up the good work guys!! ?


There are many reasons for choosing Snowshoeing in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

The invention of the snowshoe is thought to be 4,000 to 6,000 years old. The indigenous people of North America. Inuits had two styles, one triangular and one circular. Centuries later they were adopted by Europeans in what is now Canada, and used in the Battle on Snowshoes in 1758, when British soldiers wore them in their fight against the French.


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Best time to visit

January and February are ideal months to visit

What's the weather like?

Winter is cold with a healthy supply of snowfall. The months of January and February receive a minimum average temperature of -8°C and a maximum average temperature of 4°C

More info about Snowshoeing in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc:

Located in the Haute-Savoie department, the town of Chamonix is in the heart of the French Alps, lying in the southeast of France. Guarded by magnificent, snow-cloaked summits, the commune is a world-class base for outdoor enthusiasts. It hosted the first Winter Olympics all the way back in 1924. And since then, it has continued to develop and shape itself as one of the world’s prime resorts

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