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1+ day rock climbing in Athens, Greece

Rock climbing in Athens done
1+ day Rock climbing in Athens, Greece
Nevado Artesonraju Ascent
Samo Krmelj IFMGA guide

Explore the beautiful Athens on this incredible rock climbing adventure and discover the best routes with Dimitris, a local HMGA mountain guide.


1+ Days

All year

Open to everyone

All Levels


  • Discover the other side of Athens, a rock climbing paradise.
  • Spend a day or more on this impressive route.
  • Learn to rock climb or improve your existing skills.


Let me guide you through the unknown climbing spots of  Athens. On this custom-made trip just for you, we’ll explore more than 40 crags around the Attika region. Join me for one or more days!

Athens’ main attraction is the Acropolis, but once you discover all these hidden climbing routes, you’ll realize that there’s more than meets the eye in this historic city. Whether you are a climbing expert or a beginner, there’s plenty of options for you in the area or in the nearby Parnitha mountain. For beginners, I’ll give you an introductory course with the basics of rock climbing. For experts, I’ll show you the best routes and give you tips to improve your skills.

One of the best features of the area is that the weather is perfect year-round. If we do encounter some rain or cold climate, I can take you to some of the best indoor climbing and bouldering gyms in the city. I can also take you to do some top-rope climbing. Besides, Athens is full of sightseeing options, so don’t be afraid to book extra days in the city.

Send your request now and follow me for one or more days exploring this incredible city.

For more adventures in Greece, be sure to check out the trips I offer to rock climb in Leonidio and hike to Mount Olympus.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Transport during the trip

- Rope

- Belay and rappel devices

- Quickdraws

- Chalk

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the weather forecast for our climbing day turns bad?

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What is included in the guided climbing tour?

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About the guide

I am an HMGA Mountain Guide and mountaineering and climbing instructor of the Hellenic and French Mountaineering Associations. Join me for hiking and rock climbing trips in Greece.


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What people are saying about this trip

Amanda Wong


September, 2023

It was such a lovely day out... Dimitris chose a beautiful climbing spot with lovely views and climbs that were well-adjusted to my ability. I learned so much and really appreciate his patience, generosity and the care he took to make sure I learned everything and had fun. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to go for a fun climb out. Lots of thanks and gratitude, Dimitris!

Katrina Cervantes


September, 2023

Dimitris is a great guide who made us feel relaxed, safe and comfortable. He selected the perfect place for me and my boyfriend's skill level (we are both relatively new to climbing) and there was no time limit, we climbed to our heart's content until we were tuckered out. He also gave us some helpful tips for us to improve.

Tracy Cowie


September, 2023

You will not find a more professional & friendly guide than Dimitris! His passion for his craft and for ensuring that his clients have the most amazing climbing experience is front and centre. Not only was safety and minimizing potential risks his top priority but also, he made sure that the climbing grades were applicable for myself and my husband (and we both climb different grades). Dimitris also provided awesome feedback, tips and suggestions (including correcting some bad habits that I had picked up over the years). His knowledge base is outstanding- we both learned so much from him! He helped my husband improve his technique while gently encouraging me to push beyond my comfort level (but in a safe way - he knew what my ability was and could see that I was holding back). In addition, he went above and beyond by finding a piece of climbing equipment for me at a local store. Then he asked the store to hold it and was able to get us to the store just before they closed (plus he called the store to tell them we were on our way). If you are going to come climbing in Greece, Dimitris is your guide, 100%! We're from Canada but I'm already trying to figure out how to get back here and to do some more climbing with Dimitris! This was such an AWESOME day, all thanks to our amazing guide! Thank you so much Dimitris!!!!!!

Solveig Chaffee


July, 2023

We had so much fun with Dimitris and his assistant Nico. Fabulous beginning to our trip. He outfitted us perfectly and found routes just right for our varying skill levels. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Baran Ozbek


May, 2023

Dimitris was amazing. He was very friendly and helpful. He took us to unique climbing spots and we had a delicious Greek meal after. We spent a lot of time climbing and getting to know each other. He guided us and was very patient. We recommend our guide, and we look forward to more climbing trips in the future. Thank you Dimitris! 😊 lots of love from Baran and Soni <3

Edgar Roeber


May, 2023

Nice trip, best teacher, unique climbing place.

Miriam Jones


May, 2023

I do a lot of rock climbing at home in the United States, and thought there was so much to do and see in Greece that I didn't need to spend a day climbing during my short stay there. About three days before my trip I decided that was ridiculous, of course I had to go rock climbing while in Greece, and I AM SO HAPPY I BOOKED THIS TRIP WITH DIMITRIS. I was traveling with my partner who doesn't have any experience climbing, Dimitris made sure the day we spent climbing was memorable for both of us. He picked a beautiful location and routes that were fitting for both of our abilities. Dimitris allowed me to do some lead climbing and offered helpful advice to improve my climbing. He was patient with my partner who had never climbed outside before and set up multiple top rope routes for him to try. Dimitris is extremely knowledgeable and has over 30 years of climbing and mountaineering experience, we couldn't have been matched with a better climbing guide. He was incredibly friendly and picked us up close to our apartment and dropped us back off after a long day of climbing. If you're thinking about rock climbing in Greece, you want to book your guiding trip with Dimitris, you will not be disappointed. He is passionate about climbing and loves what he does. My partner and I are both extremely grateful to have had the chance to climb with Dimitris.

Catherine Lambert-Charette


May, 2023

Dimitris was a really good guide during the activity! He gave us many tricks and we went with him at an incredible spot for outdoor climbing. Highly recommend the activity!

Arne Claassen


April, 2023

We had an amazing time with Dimitris. Due to rainy weather we had to find another day, but that was very well communicated on time. He found a perfect spot for our experience. You can really feel that he loves what he’s doing, he is calm, experienced and a good teacher who gave us great tips so that we could improve our climbing skills within minutes.

Lucas Descause


April, 2023

Dimitris is an excellent teacher for first time outdoor climbers and those who want to move from top roping to lead climbing. Full of anecdotes, insights and helpful tips for both beginners and more seasoned climbers. You feel safe in his presence. We went out climbing twice on separate occasions in Athens and Nafplion and both times were very memorable days. Highly recommended!

Andy O'Reilly


November, 2022

Dimitris was awesome! He really did a wonderful job of both teaching and sharing the experience of the climb, surroundings, and people. Ευχαριστώ!!

Jessica Mauve


November, 2022

Had a fabulous day climbing with Dimitris in the marble quarry that the Parthenon was built from! He supplied all equipment and set me up with a suitable group of similarly aged people (as requested). He picked challenging climbs suitable for my level. A truly memorable experience.

Kumari Selvakumar


September, 2022

I’m extremely happy with the ease with which I could book via your site reliable and experienced guide. Thank you so very much, and I’ve started to recommend your site to my friends. Dimitris is not only an awesome guide, but a wonderful person who was always looking out to give me the best experience I can have when he found out how much I love climbing! He is the Best!

Toine Urlings


August, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Anna Sauder


July, 2022

I would not recommend Dimitri to future travellers because he would spend the day on his phone constantly making calls. Sometimes, when he was supposed to be belaying us ( holding the rope properly to support the person climbing) he would leg go of the rope completely, which is beyond dangerous or would be holding the rope with one hand on the rope and the other on his phone. I did not feel safe with him belaying me and I did not appreciate the constant disruption of his phone on the trip. He took us to a nice place and the climbing was exceptional but he, the guide worstened the experience for me. I really cannot understand your behavior Anna. After driving 150 Kim. from western Peloponnesus the previous day, woke up at 5:30, drove another 150 to pick you up to take you in one of the most beautiful sectors of the country )instead of another not nice close by), bringing fruits and cold water, offering you MY shoes without charging you, taking pictures of you and getting you back (12 hours the whole thing) and the most surreal of you after stepping in the dusty ground, putting your feet on my back seat, YOU INSISTED IN NOT PAYING ME. After I persuaded you I had to wait for you 15’ in an amazing small road with crazy traffic to give me 20+ euros less. AND FOR ALL THIS YOU GAVE ME AN ACE saying that I was on the phone all the time? I was on the phone when we were not climbing. Now are you asking for the pictures? Shame on you Anna. Dimitris.


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