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Mount Olympus, 2-day guided hiking tour in Greece

Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus

Follow Dimitris, a local HMGA mountain guide, to the impressive Mount Olympus, Greece on an exhilarating 2-day hiking adventure.



2 Days

Jun - Oct




* Ascend Greece's highest and most iconic mountain.

* Enjoy some stunning views of all of Greece.

* Get ready for a challenging hike.


Explore the impressive Mount Olympus, Greece on an invigorating hiking trip to the summit. During two exciting days, we’ll explore this wonderful mountain, and enjoy the amazing views it has to offer. Join me!

Mount Olympus is definitely the Greece’s most iconic mountain. It has an altitude of 2,917 meters and was famed to be the home of the 12 ancient Greek Gods led by Zeus. As the highest point in the country, the panoramic views of Greece from the top are unforgettable. Additionally, we’ll enjoy front-seat views of the second highest peak Throne of Zeus (Stefani 2.902 meters) who was the king of gods and mortals. Furthermore, the route to the top is full of forests, exotic flora and exciting obstacles!

This trip is for participants with some experience hiking and good physical condition. The last 100m to the top is scrambling on an exposed terrain where you will be protected by ropes, climbing harnesses, helmets, etc.

Send your request to discover the inspiring views this beautiful mountain has to offer. I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with Greece.

For more adventures in Greece, be sure to check out the rock climbing trips I offer to Leonidio and Athens.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Transportation start and back

Price details


All necessary climbing gear


Day 1: Yiossos Apostolidis Refuge (2700m)

We will head to Petrostrouga refuge, which is just in the middle of the way, and is great for a stop for refreshments and water resupplying. Then, we will reach the Yiossos Apostolidis hut in the afternoon, where we will spend the night. The hike will last 5-6 hours from the start of the hike.

Day 2: Ascent to Mytikas (2,917m)

We will descend either through Petrostrougha (same way as the ascent), or through the Spilios Agapitos. In Prionia, we will have an invigorating bath at the waterfalls of the area.



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In case of a disease-illness or medical condition, the client needs to communicate it with the guide.

Meeting point



What level of experience is required to climb Mt Olympus?

No prior climbing experience is necessary to the Mt Olympus summit. However, it is recommended to be in good physical condition as it can be a physically demanding endeavor. While reaching the peak is a common goal for many people, some individuals may also choose to engage in a hiking exploration of the mountain.

Is there a minimum age requirement for climbing Mt Olympus?

There is no specific age restriction for climbing Mt Olympus. However, it is important to note that the ascent can be physically demanding and tiring. While the youngest client I have had was 14 years old, younger individuals have also successfully completed the climb. It is advisable to assess the physical capabilities and endurance of younger climbers before attempting the ascent. Additionally, it is recommended for minors to be accompanied by a responsible adult during the climb for safety reasons.

Which refuges are we staying at? How is it organized? Who will book it?

We primarily stay at the highest refuge in the Muses Plateau and the mountain, called Yiossos Apostolidis, located at an elevation of 2,700 meters. This choice is based on the incredible surroundings of the Muses Plateau, positioned beside the majestic peak known as the "Throne of Zeus" and in close proximity to the starting point of the ascent to Mytikas. Additionally, this refuge happens to be the largest one on the plateau.

I take care of booking the necessary arrangements to secure your stay at Yiossos Apostolidis Refuge, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience during your climb on Mt Olympus.

The refuge provides meals, including breakfast and dinner. They offer a variety of food options, including vegetarian dishes.

What is the designated meeting point and endpoint for the expedition? What are the respective meeting times?

The meeting point for our Mt Olympus expedition typically takes place in the morning in Litochoro. This allows us to gather, introduce ourselves, discuss the plan for the climb, and check clothing and equipment. The exact meeting time will be communicated to you prior to the tour.

As for the finishing point, it may vary depending on your physical condition and the specific itinerary chosen. In some cases, we may conclude the climb at a different location than the starting point, adding a traverse of the mountain for added adventure. The specific finishing point will be discussed and determined during the tour based on various factors.

What should I pack and wear for this 2-day climb of Mt Olympus?

For the 2-day climb on Mt Olympus, here is a list of recommended items to pack:

  • A backpack with a capacity of 38–45 liters.
  • Walking sticks or trekking poles for added stability.
  • A head torch for low-light conditions.
  • A liner or a light sleeping bag. The refuge provides blankets, but having your own can offer extra comfort.
  • A couple of light next-to-skin t-shirts.
  • A light fleece for added warmth.
  • A breathable waterproof outer layer to protect against rain and wind.
  • A pair of light hiking pants.
  • Optional: A pair of shorts for warmer conditions.
  • A pair of trekking shoes or boots for sturdy foot support.
  • A light first aid kit (in case of personal health conditions or emergencies). Note: If you have specific medical needs, consider bringing a larger, personalized first aid kit.
  • A pair of gloves for hand protection.
  • A hat to shield from the sun, or a woolen hat for winter weather
  • Optional: Sunglasses and sunscreen for sun protection.

Where do you recommend I stay for the overnight stay in Litochoro?

Consider staying in the picturesque village of Palaios Pantelaiimonas, located approximately 25 minutes from Litochoro. It offers stunning sea views and a unique, tranquil experience. While accommodation options may be limited, it provides a charming alternative to staying in Litochoro itself. Remember to plan transportation to the meeting point in Litochoro for your expedition.

What is included in the price of the tour?

The price includes the following: guiding fees, all necessary climbing gear (ropes, harnesses, helmets, etc.), as well as transportation from Litochoro to the starting point of the hike and back.

I'm vegetarian. Will it be accommodated?

No worries, the refuge itself provides vegetarian dishes, so your dietary preference will be accommodated without any issues.

What is the maximum group size that you can accommodate?

I can accommodate groups of various sizes, ranging from individual climbers to larger groups with the assistance of additional guides or assistants working with me. Whether you are planning to climb solo or with a group, I can tailor the arrangements accordingly to provide a suitable experience for everyone involved.

When is the optimal time to climb Mt Olympus?

The optimal period for summiting Mt Olympus is typically from early to mid-July until the middle of October. While the refuges may open around the middle of June, the best weather conditions and overall climbing experience are often found during this later time frame.

What are some recommended accommodations near our adventure location?

We understand that finding the perfect place to stay is an essential part of your adventure experience. To help you with this, we’ve curated a list of three highly recommended hotels that offer comfort, convenience, and a touch of local charm. These accommodations are well-suited for adventurers looking to relax and rejuvenate after an exciting day of exploration
Hotel Kastoria Thessaloniki Greece
See rooms
Hotel Makedonia Thessaloniki Greece
See rooms
City Hotel Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Greece
See rooms

About the guide

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Mountain Guide

I am an HMGA Mountain Guide and mountaineering and climbing instructor of the Hellenic and French Mountaineering Associations. Join me for hiking and rock climbing trips in Greece.


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What people are saying about this trip



I consider myself very fortunate to have had Dimitris as my guide! In addition to his high skill and competency level, he provided much historical information and insight in preparation for my tour of mainland Greece.



First off, wow. Words can't describe the experience that I had on that mountain. Dimitris literally changed my life. I've been an avid hiker for many years, but when I travel to a new country I like to have a guide at first to teach me the lay of the land. He went above and beyond to teach me. I learned how to use pulls, this alone is going to change my life. Ha I can't believe I've been hiking all this time and never used them. Secondly, I was very bummed that we couldn't summit due to weather, but he made it OK, with showing me more hikes and showing me trails that weren't crowded with tourists. I love local trails. Finally, I truly feel like I made a friend at the end of all this! He didn't make me feel like a paying customer, I had a grand time drinking at the refuge and hiking on that mountain. I will definitely come back to bag that peak in the summer time soon to come. Thank you!!!



A truly wonderful experience! Hard-going at times but thoroughly enjoyable and with a great sense of achievement at the end. Demetris was excellent. Very knowledgable and supportive. Got us all to the top and back down again safe and feeling great. He is the consummate mountain guide.



Amazing guide, incredibly knowledge of both his craft and the culture. He made the trip an incredible father-son adventure that we will remember fondly for the rest of our lives! We are already looking forward to our next trip with Dimitris!



Mount Olympus is a lovely mountain. We hiked with Dimitris and climbed with him until the Mytikas summit. It was amazing!!! Dimitris is a wonderful person and an experienced guide with a lot of stories. He listens to the needs of his clients and act accordingly. He also arranged the nights in the refuge for us. Thank you Dimitris for a beautiful unforgettable experience !

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