1-day Hut to hut trek from Gortsia, Mount Olympus


Join local HMGA mountain guide Dimitris and discover the beauty of Mount Olympus in Greece. Climb to the top of the Mytikas or Throne of Zeus peaks for stunning views of the entire area from up above.



1 Day

Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct




  • Explore the local flora and fauna on Mount Olympus.
  • Climb to some of the highest peaks in Greece.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the Olympus National Park and the Aegean Sea.


Mount Olympus is the highest and most famous mountain in Greece. On this trek, we will walk along the exceptionally beautiful path that departs from Gortsia. Along the way, we will visit several mountain huts and observe the rich flora and fauna found throughout this area. If you have climbing experience, you may opt to summit the Mytikas and/or “Throne of Zeus” (Stefani) peaks as well.

During this 4-5 hour trek from Gortsia, you will see what makes Mount Olympus and the surrounding Olympus National Park in Greece such a special place. We will trek along a moderately steep path while enjoying breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea below. The terrain is varied and the flora and fauna abundant.

At the beginning of our trek, we will see many of the local wildflowers, a birch forest, and a bit further along, a species of fir trees known as Robolo. These resistant fir trees grow at high altitudes and are able to withstand strong winds and snow. As we make our way upwards, we will encounter the Laimos Ridge (Laimos meaning “neck” in Greek), Skourta Peak and the Muses Plateau.

At this point, we will reach the first mountain hut of our journey: the Petrostrugha HutPetrostrugha means “stone sheepshead” in Greek. At this hut, we will be able to rest our legs for a few minutes and perhaps enjoy a quick snack or drink before continuing onward.

After a short break, we will make our way up into a high alpine meadow where we may have the chance to see the rare Rupicapra. The Rupicapra is a species of wild goat currently facing extinction. Typically, these goats live and graze together in large groups. Seeing the Rupicapra in their natural habitat is always a special experience!

After crossing the high alpine meadow, we will encounter the other two seasonal mountain huts in our path. From here, you will have the option to summit either Mytikas or “Throne of Zeus”, provided you have the necessary climbing experience. The views from up above are truly spectacular!

If you choose to attempt a summit on either Mytikas (2918m) and/or “Throne of Zeus” (2909m), I will gladly provided the necessary gear. Please keep in mind, however, that both summits require scrambling or rock climbing skills (UIAA level III/IV).

Whenever we are ready to begin our descent, we will simply follow the same path back down toward Gortsia. If you plan to make one or both summits, or simply want to take things at a slower pace, we can also spend the night at one of the mountain huts where basic accommodation and meals are available.

Whether this will be your first time on Mount Olympus or you would just like to explore a different side of this iconic mountain in Greece, this trek is a great option.  Please contact me for more details or to book this trek. I look forward to being your guide!

As an alternative option, we can also explore Mount Olympus together starting from nearby Prionia, Greece. Click here for more details!

Note: If you do choose to spend the night at one of the mountain huts, we would also have the option of descending along the path to Prionia the following day, rather than returning to Gortsia. The options are many! Please contact me for further information.


About the guide

I am the vice-president of the Hellenic Mountain Guide Association as well as a mountaineering and climbing instructor of the Hellenic and French Mountaineering Associations. Join me for hiking and rock climbing trips in Greece.

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