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Hiking trips – Mount Olympus

Once home to the Greek gods, now an iconic climbing destination with a unique biosphere reserve

Join a hiking tour and climb some of the most spectacular peaks in Greece, such as the famous Mytikas (2,918 m), the highest point in the country. During the traverse, you will enjoy  beautiful landscapes and sea views. The usual starting point is the town of Litochoro. Choose a trip from our selection below and climb the mountain of the Greek gods. Visit between June and October for prime hiking conditions.


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Mount Olympus is located in the Olympus Range on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia in the north of Greece. Hanging over the Aegean Sea, the snow-covered summit often soars beyond low-hanging clouds, cultivating a strong sense of Greek mythology covering the mountain, which is said to have been the great throne of Zeus. Surrounded within a protected national park, founded in 1938, Mount Olympus has fostered a rich diversity of flora.



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Best time to visit

Visit between June and October for prime hiking conditions.

What's the weather like?

Mount Olympus generally has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers, and cold and humid winters. Higher in the mountains it is more humid, with temperatures varying in summer from 0 °C to 20 °C. And winds are an almost ever present.





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What People Say


This was an awesome experience! Thansk to Pavlos, who is a perfect guide (and not a luxury at all when you
want to climb Mytikas, we had 2 meter of snow in April). We did not reach the top due to heavy snowfall, but made a couple of other hikes while Pavlos told us the complete history of the Olympos mountain range. The breathtaking views from the refuge Giosos Apostolidis with the ever smiling ward Lazaros: it made it all a highly recommended journey! Thanks to all for making this happen!
Ken Koeklenberg for Climbing Mount Olympus in 3 days
Good trip, but Babis did not allow for his perhaps unusual clients. He was too keen to do everything at
super-fast speed, and get to the refuges early. A slower pace would have suited us better. Also he did not brief us adequately on what to expect, and give advice on facilities and rules of the refuges.

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