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Alps, guided ski touring safari

Alps, guided ski touring safari
Alps, guided ski touring safari
Alps, guided ski touring safari
Alps, guided ski touring safari

Join Hans, an IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide Hans, for a 6-Day adventure, as you get to enjoy a Ski Touring Safari through the incredible Alps.



6 Days

Jan - Apr




Join me for an exciting 6-day ski safari throughout the luminous peaks of the Alps.

The Alps seem endless. No matter where you are within the enormous range of jagged peaks, you feel like they stretch into forever. And it's because of that snow covered vastness, that believing you've explored the entire range always seems out of reach. However, on this trip, while you won't get to explore every inch of the Alps, by the end of the 6-days you will definitely feel like you did. And sometimes, all you need is the feeling of something in order to truly enjoy and cherish it.

During this ski safari, you will get to traverse through alpine villages, valleys, slopes and ridges. You will get the chance to visit large resorts like Verbier and Zermatt, or small resorts like Lauchernalp. You will get to explore as many parts of the Alps as your imagination can conjure. Thus making this trip an incredible expedition of choice, freedom and adventure. You will even have the chance to ski within the borders of three different countries, including Italy, France and Switzerland.

The Alps are famous and popular for a reason, and it's because they are as amazing as everybody says. To see them is to marvel at them. And to take a ski tour through them, either on an already established route, or off-piste, is to truly appreciate them.

So come, let me guide you on a 6-day ski touring safari through the Alps. Where you will get to feel like you have done the impossible and explored all they have to offer.

I'll be awaiting your message.

And if you want to join me for another adventure in the breathtaking Alps, by climbing the famous Matterhorn, you can also join me on this trip.

Price includes

- Guiding fee


Day 1 to 6: Ski Touring Safari with Off-Piste Skiing in various parts of the Alps depending on weather conditions and your desires


About the guide

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Mountain Guide

I'm a Swiss trained, American born, mountain guide living in Verbier, Switzerland. I guide my clients backcountry skiing in winter and mountaineering in the summer. Many of my clients are repeat clients with whom I have been sharing experiences together for over 20 years.

I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. Helping my father break horses as soon as I could walk certainly helped me acquire a taste of adventure. I left the Hawaiian islands to attend JSC in northern Vermont and discovered winter. Majoring in Urban and Environmental planning increased my desire to explore the outdoors, and with the ski slopes of northern Vermont in my back yard, the addiction to winter skiing and ice climbing and summer rock climbing set in.

I moved to Verbier, Switzerland in 1983. Some of my climbing partners were local guides and encouraged me to enter the Swiss Mountain Guide’s Training program. I began my first course in the winter of ’91 and received my UIAGM status two and a half years later.

I'm passionate about my guiding and sharing these alpine and maritime experiences with my clients. Over the years, they have become very close friends and through mutual confidence, are able to extend their reach further and further into the mountains. My approach through cognitive behavioral coaching, heightens these shared experiences and enables us to enjoy all our life experiences to their fullest.





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What people are saying about Hans



Thank you very much for recommending me as a guide Mr. Hans Solmssen. He is a highly qualified intelligent person. It was a real pleasure to climb with him and under his supervision.

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