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Climb Stetind, Norway's National Mountain

Climb Stetind, Norway's National Mountain
Climb Stetind, Norway's National Mountain
Climb Stetind, Norway's National Mountain
Climb Stetind, Norway's National Mountain

Climb Norway's national mountain with a certified local guide. Depending on your experience and wishes, choose either a Normal Route ascent or a South Pillar adventure!

1 Day

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




  • Climb Norway's national mountain.
  • Discover the scenic landscapes of the Narvik region.
  • Choose between the East Ridge and South Pillar routes.


Jutting out of the sea, Stetind is Norway's national mountain and a natural treasure that is well worth discovering on a unique climbing adventure to its summit. This gorgeous 1,392 m (4,567 ft) peak is one of the 3 most important climbs in the country next to Store Skagastølstind and Romsdalshorn.

On these tours, we will have the option of climbing Stetind via the Normal Route which goes up the East Ridge, or via the South Pillar, a slightly harder but truly spectacular route.

If we take the Normal Route, we will begin at sea level and wind up through a lovely birch forest until we reach Svartvannet, where we will stop to rest. From there, we will continue on a steeper scramble up to Stetind's false summit, where we will put on a harness and tie ourselves into the ropes. Once safety is in place, we will continue up a ridge, balancing over the church roof before the ten embittered fingertip-traverse. It will take courage as it is the most difficult part of the tour, and involves dangling 1000 meters above the ground. After taking that leap of faith (we will be by your side to help and guide you), the prize is the fantastic view from the top with the Lofoten mountains on the horizon and the Narvik glaciers in the back.

If the normal route sounds easy, then perhaps the South Pillar is more attune to your expectations and needs. This truly gorgeous route involves 12 pitches in a stunning natural setting, where we will follow the steps that climber and philosopher Arne Næss traced.

The hardest part of the South Pillar involves climbing a grade N6. We will go through mythical passages and beautiful shelves such as Kongelosjen and the 2nd Amphitheater, where we can stop for lunch. The starting point of the trip is in the same place as the normal route, but at Svartvannet we will take a different path. Then we will descend via the normal route.

In order to climb Stetind, you need a good fitness level and some prior climbing experience. The South Pillar is for more advanced climbers. In addition, you should be comfortable with some exposure and heights.

Are you ready to climb to the top of Norway's national mountain? Then contact me today and we will start planning your adventure!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The listed prices are for the normal route. The prices for the South Pillar route are 6500NOK for one person and 4500NOK each in a group of two. We provide the necessary equipment.


Meeting point


Equipment you will need to bring


Other gear: You must have solid mountaineering shoes, food for a day in the mountains and a good backpack.

About the guide

Born and raised in the ski town of Narvik, a bit further east of Lofoten. Moved to Lofoten because of the great climbing and beautiful nature.


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What people are saying about Stian Bruvoll

Marcus Libionka


March, 2023

The trip with Stian was fantastic! We highly recommend him as your guide. Stian is very professional, he took very good care of us and created the perfect trip based on our experience and preferences. We had a great time! Tusen takk, Stian!!

Bharath Reddy


December, 2022

Stian is so friendly and the climb was awesome with his guidance.

Stefan Peterson


November, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Rose Reyes


September, 2022

Great experience! Though the weather wasn’t the best, Stian made sure we all had a pleasant time on the climb. Loved that he provided all the gear which was great, especially since we were visiting from another country:) Originally I wasn’t going to do the climb due to time constraints since I needed to be at Tromso by 17:30 but he adjusted the time frame for my group so we had plenty of time to do the climb and so my partner and I could go back and drive to Tromso airport:) We absolutely liked the service he provided for our group and highly recommend him as a guide to future climbers since you can tell he loves what he does for a living:)

Sean Oneill


September, 2022

My guides Stian and Karrin were amazing!! Best experience of my life. Pretty scary up there but always felt safe!! Very professional people.

massimo cappuccio


September, 2022

Stian Brutal, proved to be a very prepared and competent guide. He inspired trust and confidence in the customers, making the climbing experience even more fun. A guide truly passionate about climbing and her work, I recommend it for those who want to experience vertical experiences in Lofoten

Will Nance


August, 2022

Stian was fantastic!

Natacha Toussaint


August, 2022

The guide was not Stian but Haakon. Calm and professional. Ir was a fabtastic experience, I highly recommend this guide!

Phu Dang


July, 2022

Stian was awesome, highly recommend him.

Michael Pace


June, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.


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