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Stetind South Pillar 1-day rock climbing trip

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Join Marius, an IFMGA certified mountain guide, and reach the summit of Stetind, Norway's national mountain, on a classic multipitch climbing route.

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1 Day

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I invite you to climb Stetind (1392 m) South Pillar, one of the most classic multipitch climbing routes in Norway. It's a perfect program for experienced climbers.

Stetind is also Norway's national mountain. This high granite monolith peak has an obelisk shape that makes it a unique mountain. Also, the view from the summit is simply amazing!

We will enjoy a fantastic climb with about 14 pitches, climbing up to Norwegian grade 6. However, most of the pitches are in the 4 and 5 area.

The route follows the marked pillar that sticks out from the south face of the mountain. Then, it follows slabs, cracks and dihedrals on pure granite from a ridge known as Kongelosjen, about 900 meters about sea level, all the way to the top of Stetind.

During this day climb, we will ascend about 1400 meters. It will be approximately 10 kilometres in length. It will take us about 10 to 14 hours in total, getting to the summit and back.

Please note that in order to join this tour, you need to be in good shape. Most important, you must be used to hiking and scrambling in exposed and airy terrain. Also, you must feel comfortable climbing at Norwegian grade 6 (French 6A).

So contact me if you want to join me in this 1-day climb to Stetind! I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program. I also offer a guided ascent to Stetind by the Normal Route. Check it out!

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- Guiding fee

- Mountain guide expenses


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There is a 15% discount on bookings for weekdays.

About the guide

I was born and raised in the town of Narvik in northern Norway. As the case has been with generations of norwegians, my parents took me with them on trips into nature and up on the mountains even before I was able to walk by myself. When I was able to stand up, my father bought me my first pair of slalom skis and we went skiing in the slopes on the local resorts. From there, the love of nature and the mountains has continuously grown and eventually evolved into a wish to bring others and let them experience and explore together with me.

Today nature and the mountains are my "office", where I work all year round with guiding, as an instructor and tutor on different courses and as an observer for the avalanche forecasting service. Over the years I have worked and guided all over Norway, but it is the north that is home and here I spent most of my time. So come with me into nature and up on the mountains and explore the wild nature of northern Norway. Skitours in Narvik and Lyngen or climbs to Norway's national mountain of Stetind are just some of the adventures I can offer you, but the mountains up here in the north are almost limitless in abundance and possibilities.


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What people are saying about Marius O Larsen

Graeme Borthwick


March, 2020

I completely missed this trip by one month due to my fault but exacerbated by your booking system. I must have filled in the booking form about 10 times before the dates were 'correct' and I was not being charged for more than one day. Every time I tried to make changes, the form refreshed and all the details had to be filled in again. These sorts of trips/events are not like booking train tickets. Most include a window of opportunity that is heavily influenced by weather events. Your communication flow requires a booking to be made and paid before there is any connection with the guide or discussion about suitable days etc. I realise that your company is a booking agency that is concerned about introducing two parties but missing out on the management fee however I feel the system requires a more nuanced approach.



February, 2020

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Gr Fletcher


February, 2020


Jim Hanson


September, 2019

As Marius and I discovered, Svolvaergeita is currently off limits to climbing until the approach has been restored. Not sure when people will be able to access the mountain again but Marius and I are looking at other possible climbing options next week in Narvik. Jim

Daniel Ruck


May, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.



March, 2019

My sister and I did a day of ski touring in Narvik with Marius. It was such a great day. We left he Gratangen hotel at 9am and returned at 4pm. The mountain was only 15min from the hotel and was the perfect one day adventure. The snow quality was awesome, it was good weather and we had the entire mountain to ourselves. Marius tailored the trip to our ski level perfectly and was very patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend guided ski touring in Narvik with Marius!! :)

Sabine Zigan


May, 2018

Fantastic and experienced guide! We highly recommend Marius and the area of Narvik!


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