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Rock Climbing in Lofoten: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Stunning and majestic mountains and peaks, sheltered and idyllic beaches and bays, pristine and untouched scenery, landscape and terrain. The Lofoten Islans have all these, and rock climbing is a truly awesome way to see them all!

The Lofoten Islands are an archipelago in Norway, lying above the Arctic Circle. Between fjords and mountains, this region offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. It’s also an amazing rock climbing destination, with granite pillars and cliffs providing classic climbing routes for all levels. Picture yourself approaching a big granite wall with the emerald waters of the Norwegian Sea at your back. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Besides, in July you can experience 24 hours of daylight to enjoy! Check out all our options for rock climbing trips in the Lofoten Islands and take your pick for a trip you will never forget! Explore-Share only promotes trips led by certified mountain guides.

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FAQs: Rock Climbing in Lofoten

What should I know about Rock Climbing Lofoten?

The Lofoten Islands contain an overwhelming amount of raw natural beauty, and nestled within these beautiful spots are some of the best rock climbing spots one can imagine, with the lack of crowds and epic views providing a near-perfect setting.

Some of the rock climbing can be quite challenging, so being fit and in decent shape before arriving will maximise enjoyment of the activity.

The villages are full of intriguing histories and culture which they are very proud of, providing endless hours of exploration and discovery, thus ensuring there is always something to see and do.

Why should I choose Lofoten for my Rock Climbing adventure?

The scenery

It is hard to overstate just how beautiful and marvelous the scenery, landscape and terrain is in The Lofoten Islands, with countless pretty, idyllic and tranquil beaches, coves, forests, fjords and mountains dotting the land, each as spectacularly picturesque as the last. There is also a diverse range of flora and fauna in abundance, with whale watching a popular indulgence. The beguiling nature of the scenery means there is plenty to explore, and you will never be bored on this epic archipelago.

The conditions

Despite being North of the Arctic Circle, and at roughly the same latitude as some of the coldest places in Russia and Canada, The Lofoten Island have a very mild climate for its location, with the largest positive temperature anomaly in the world relative to latitude. This makes for ideal rock climbing conditions, especially in Summer when the sun does not go down at all, and ensures that the environment is safe to rock climb on.

The history

The Lofoten Islands have been celebrated in various literature, films and paintings over the years due to the continued fascination many people have with them. It has a proud and rich Viking history, with the massive Lofotr Viking Museum located on one of the islands. It has remained one of the key fishing locales for Europe for many decades, and close to 1 millions people visit a year to survey the beautiful culture.

What can I expect from the weather during my Rock Climbing trip in Lofoten?

Very mild considering its location, with temperatures getting up to 15-20 degrees celsius in Summer and down to 1-2 degrees celsius in Winter.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Lofoten region?


What currency is accepted around Lofoten?

Norwegian krone

How can I get to Lofoten?

Flights from Oslo to Harstad/Narvik Airport, and then 3 hour drive to Svolvær, the gateway town to the Lofoten Islands.

What's the country code for the Lofoten region?


When is the best time to travel to Lofoten for Rock Climbing?

The summer months are the best time visit for rock climbing, as temperatures can climb up to 20 degrees celsius and there is constant light.

What people are saying about Rock Climbing | Lofoten



Frederik is an excellent guide! He was confident, reassuring, professional, safe and very skilled. My boyfriend and I are still enthralled with the experience. Thank you so much again, Northern Norway has captured my heart and I definitely will be returning for more adventures :)



The guide was not Stian but Haakon. Calm and professional. Ir was a fabtastic experience, I highly recommend this guide!



Stian was awesome, highly recommend him.


Great experience! Though the weather wasn’t the best, Stian made sure we all had a pleasant time on the climb. Loved that he provided all the gear which was great, especially since we were visiting from another country:) Originally I wasn’t going to do the climb due to time constraints since I needed to be at Tromso by 17:30 but he adjusted the time frame for my group so we had plenty of time to do the climb and so my partner and I could go back and drive to Tromso airport:) We absolutely liked the service he provided for our group and highly recommend him as a guide to future climbers since you can tell he loves what he does for a living:)



Stian was fantastic!

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