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Climbing the Lemosho route on Mount Kilimanjaro, 9-day Itinerary in Tanzania

Climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m) in Tanzania via the scenic Lemosho route, with an altitude acclimatization program.

Duration8 days
Offer periodJan, Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Skill LevelAdvanced
Fitness LevelFit
Type of tripPrivate and Group


  • Reach the summit of the highest mountain in Africa!

  • Climb via the Lemosho route with a good acclimatization program.

  • The Lemosho route is the less crowded way to the top.


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m) via the Lemosho route is a unique trekking adventure. The route is considered the most interesting climbing option to the top, combining beautiful panoramas and the right altitude acclimatization program, allowing even beginner climbers to successfully reach the highest point in Africa, Uhuru peak a.k.a Kilimanjaro.

The Lemosho route offers scenic views and pristine wildlife along the way. It is also the less crowded route to the top. It is our most recommended route to reach the Kilimanjaro summit.

Starting from the moorland, the trail passes the alpine valley and traverses lunar landscapes, and the ascent to the famous Kilimanjaro glaciers ends, the descent from the top passes through the rainforest.

The expedition along the Lemosho route begins with a mark of 3500 m, helping to prepare your body for the altitude. We recommend this route for those who are willing to pay a little more for good high-altitude acclimatization, beautiful landscapes, and a successful climb to the summit! You can check the day-by-day itinerary below.

Our program includes everything you need for a comfortable and safe ascent to the top of Africa, from a professional certified guides team and support staff and equipment to transfers, accommodation, and meals.

Your safety is always our top priority. Our guides are all qualified on first aid measures in extreme conditions. We also have oxygen cylinders available, first-aid kits, and mandatory medical examinations twice a day. In addition, a special GPS tracker will allow your loved ones to track the location of your group on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in real-time.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro. Just book your trip and get ready for an unforgettable ascent in Tanzania. 



Overnight at 3 * hotel (Aishi Machame Hotel or Altezza Lodge) before and after the climb. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay - attentive staff, comfortable rooms, internet, a good restaurant and pool During the climb, stay in the secure tents of The North Face VE-25 or in our special tent complexes Altezza Kilimanjaro Tents. *By default, the climbing program provides for double occupancy both in the hotel before and after the climb, and in the tent during the expedition. Thus, if you travel alone and join one of our group climbing programs, then another member of the group (the same gender as you) will be accommodated in your hotel room and tent. If you are interested in single occupancy for an additional fee, please inform your manager about this.


Please note that you will need to sign a liability waiver prior to the beginning of the trip. The participant will need to have appropriate insurance coverage.




Day 1: Arrival

Arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), where you will meet one of our representatives, and transfer to the hotel under the rate. The hotel will provide all the essentials for a comfortable stay: cozy rooms, hot water, polite staff, a swimming pool, and Internet access. In the evening there will be a briefing with our managers, who will also make sure you are ready to begin the climb.

Note: Check-in starts at 2:00 PM

Day 2: High-Altitude Drop Off Destination And Trekking To Shira 1 Camp

A guide and a mountain support crew will arrive at the hotel in the morning in order to meet you and hold another briefing, after which you will travel by vehicle (roughly 3–4 hours) to Kilimanjaro National Park’s western entrance: Londorossi Gate (2,200 m). After the quick formality of acquiring climbing permits and registering with the search and rescue service, the group continues upwards towards their drop off point by off-road vehicles (reaching 3,500 meters). Here you can see stunning views of the Shira Plateau for the first time.

The route from your drop-off point to your first camp Shira 1 features a moderate gain in altitude and is not too physically challenging. Due to this, you will be able to properly begin the process of acclimatization. By the time you reach the camp, our professional mountain crew will prepare everything necessary, put tents and cook dinner for you.

This will be your first day at this altitude, so it is strongly recommended you heed the following instructions from this point on: Abstain from consuming alcohol and caffeine, drink over 4 liters of bottled water daily (little by little, frequently) and take a Diamox pill to help alleviate symptoms of altitude sickness.

Elevation: 3,500 m to 3,505 m
Hiking time:  1-2 hours
Distance: 5 km
Difficulty: Low
Habitat: Meadows

Day 3: Shira 1 camp to Shira 2 camp + acclimatization hike

Departing from Shira 1 Camp (3,505 m) and a light trekking towards the second high altitude camp: Shira 2 Camp (3,900 m). This trek is not difficult and you will be able to enjoy spectacular views of Africa and the unique flora of Kilimanjaro and the surrounding area. Shira 2 Camp is the best place on the trip to see Mount Meru (the fifth summit of Africa), weather permitting.

When you arrive to camp you will have lunch, and after a two-hour rest everyone will complete an acclimatization hike towards Lava Tower Camp that features a 200-meter gain in altitude.

Elevation: 3,505 m to 3,900 m
Hiking time:  3-4 hours
Distance: 7 km
Difficulty: Low
Habitat: Moorland

Day 3: Trekking From Shira 2 Camp To The Lava Tower and Descent To Barranco Camp

After breakfast you will leave Shira 2 Camp (3,900 m) and start your way to the key point of the route: Lava Tower (4,630 m). This section of the route has a lot of ascents and descents that end in a camp at over 4,600 meters. It might be difficult, and you may feel some discomfort, but in order to successfully acclimate to the altitude you have to spend at least 1–2 hours here, so this is where lunch will be.

Then you will descend to Barranco Camp (3,960 m). Here you can see the famous Barranco Wall, impressive in both its massive size and steepness! Next day you will be climbing it, but don’t worry: it features a very simple hiking trail.

Note: If one or more participants feel sick, the group may refrain from passing the Lava Tower and adjust the route, following instead the road for porters. In this case you will not reach an altitude of 4,630 meters, getting up only to a maximum of 4,400 meters.

Altitude difference: Camp Shira 2 (3900 m) – Lava Tower (4630 m) – Camp Barranco (3960 m)
Hiking distance: 12 km
Hiking time: 6-8 hours

Day 4: Trekking from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp

Early wakeup, breakfast and the start of summiting Barranco Wall (we recommend you leave the camp as early as possible to avoid crowds of the other groups). Hiking up the gorge wall is not difficult and only takes around an hour. After the climb you can have a rest and take photos in front of the Kibo volcano.

Then you start a more difficult hike to Karanga Camp, which features numerous ascents and descents during the route, but don’t worry: our guides are experts at choosing an optimal pace for the group. After reaching the camp you will be offered warm lunch. After a couple of hours you will have to complete an acclimatization hike in the direction of Barafu Camp with a 300-meter gain in altitude, and then descent back down to the camp.

Note: The acclimatization hike is an easy trek with a slight gain in altitude done in order to speed up the acclimatization process. You should take the acclimatization hikes very seriously. They help increase your chances of successfully summiting Kilimanjaro and save you from the consequences of altitude sickness.

Ascent from Barranco camp to Karanga camp:
Altitude difference: Barranco camp (3960 m) – Karanga camp (4035 m)
Hiking distance: 5 km
Hiking time: 4-5 hours

Acclimatization hike:
Altitude difference:  Karanga camp (4035 m) – A key point on the way to Barafu camp (4270 m)
Hiking distance:  2.5 km
Hiking time: 1-2 hours

Day 5: Trekking from Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp

In the morning after breakfast you begin your way to Barafu Summit Camp (4,640 m), the starting point for a night summiting Uhuru Peak (5,895 m). Our team will set up a camp for you ahead of time, including tents and sleeping bags, so you can relax. After regaining strength, you have to complete an acclimatization hike towards the intermediate Kosovo Summit Camp (4,800 m) and then back to Barafu Camp, where you will be served a hot dinner. It is better to spend the remainder of the day resting and sleeping before night summiting.

Climb from Karanga camp to Barafu camp:
Altitude difference:  Karanga camp (4035 m) – Barafu camp (4640 m)
Hiking distance:  6 km
Hiking time:  4-5 hours

Acclimatization hike:
Altitude difference:  Camp Barafu (4640 m) – Camp Kosovo (4800 m)
Hiking distance: 2 km
Hiking time: 1-2 hours

Day 6: Ascent to Uhuru Peak and Descent to Millennium Camp

At night we leave Barafu camp (4640 m) and begin our ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro – Uhuru peak (5895 m). Climbing is technically quite simple, altitude is a much more serious problem! Throughout the ascent, every two participants will be allocated their own guide, which will monitor your physical and moral condition (if you wish, after a successful climb to Uhuru Peak, you can also go down to the nearest glacier). Next, you will return to Barafu camp, where a two-hour rest will take place, after which you continue the descent to the Millennium camp (3820 m).

Note:  Do not forget, 90% of incidents occur on the descent, all broken legs / arms were damaged on the descent. Also, great attention to the legs, you can knock down toenails.

Altitude difference: Barafu Camp (4640 m) – Uhuru Peak (5895 m) – Millennium Camp (3820 m)
Hiking distance:  15 km
Hiking time: 8-12 hours

Day 7: Descent from the Millennium camp to the gate of Mveka

The camp is situated in a tropical rainforest. When you wake up, you will feel relief from the reduction of the height and the satisfaction of reaching the summit. After a warm breakfast, you will head for the park’s exit: Mweka Gate (1,640 m). After your descent the whole group will gather to congratulate you, followed by offering you a chance to share your opinions on the climb in the guestbook. Lastly, we will present you with your commemorative certificates in our office and provide you a transfer back to the hotel.

Altitude difference: Camp Millennium (3820 m) – Gates of Mveka (1640 m)
Hiking distance:  12 km
Hiking time:  4-5 hours

Day 8: Departure home

Relax at the hotel and transfer to the airport.

Note:  On this day, check-out at the hotel is at 11:00. If you need a late check-out in case of an evening departure, there is the possibility of extending the time of stay for an additional fee.

About the guide

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Altezza Travel is a team of dedicated wildlife specialists, whose mission is to turn your Tanzanian dreams into reality. We are vastly experienced in organizing top-notch Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions and wildlife safaris.

Unparalleled safety standards, individual care for each guest and professional guides are the foundations of our vision. We will make your adventure a lifetime memory!

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Pick-up at the exit from Kilimanjaro National Park and transfer to the hotel;

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All park fees collected by the Kilimanjaro National Park ( conservation fees, camping fees, crew fees, vehicle fee, rescue fee and all other fees collected by the Tanzania National Parks Authority).


One night at 3* hotel (Aishi Machame Hotel or Altezza Lodge) before the expedition and one night after;

Tenta accommodation on Mount Kilimanjaro (modern, comfortable 4-Season tents North Face VE-25 or Altezza Kilimanjaro Tents). Please note:

All accommodation is on sharing basis (i.e. you will be sharing with your travel companion a twin/double room in the hotel and a tent during the hike. If you travel alone, we will match you with a same-sex adventurer).


Breakfast in the hotel before and after the hike;

All meals on the hike. Our Kilimanjaro diet includes energy-rich and highly nutritious meals prepared by our professional high-altitude cooks.A typical diet on Kilimanjaro includes different soups, garnishes, several types of fish and meat, fresh fruit and vegetables; vegetarian/gluten-free/halal options are available at no extra cost;

All drinks on the hike (coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water).

Hiking and safety equipment

4-inch (10-cm) thick and comfortable sleeping mats;

All group equipment (spacious and comfortable dining tent, camping table and chairs, crockery and cutlery);

Oxygen cylinders and oximeters;

GPS-tracking service;

Complete medical kits.

Climbing crew:

Professional guides, licensed by Kilimanjaro National Park. All our guides are the holder of Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness First Aid certifications. All our guides have 7+years of successful mountaineering experience;

Dedicated support crew (assistant guides, camp master, porters, cooks, etc.).). /// The price does not include: International flight to Tanzania (Kilimanjaro Airport). Visa fees. Lunch and dinner at the hotel (before and after climbing).

Rental of personal equipment. Tips for the mountain crew (200–250 USD per person). Mountaineering insurance.

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