• Trip duration
    2 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    8 people
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Dec


The Snow Training (ST) 1 is the first module of the ISTA (International Snow Training Academy) certification.

Myself and some of my teammates, mountain guides and leader, are ISTA instructors. The objectives of the training is to work on the prevention and the management of risks linked to the practice of outdoor activities in the snow.

Avalanches are not a twist of fate. Practitioners change, habits change – despite the wide range of rescue gear available, risks related to avalanches don’t change! True education can safe your life and that of others.

ISTA’s training program is intended for the general public and is delivered by affiliated instructors (ski teachers and mountain guides). The goal is not to provide extra equipment, but rather the knowledge and skills required to assess and prevent risk. ISTA is innovative in that it offers a concrete, unique and unmatched response to the need for increased safety in the mountains.

You have the gear – now boost your skills!

The ST 1 training lasts for 2 days. The aim is to master the risk management processes, the procedures and the analytical tools.

You’ll quickly notice the large amount of required learnings and your lack of knowledge in this field. You’ll acquire and apply the fundamentals, learn the basic words using an adapted terminology. You’ll be placed in a zone where you will feel confident, in order to better discover the complexity of the all approach and to give you the desire of getting forward.

Here is the 2-day program:

Day 1
This first day happens as if you were having an usual day in the mountains. From the first contact till the debriefing at the end of the day, the adherent will easily follow all the steps of the story that he will be told.

In the morning, we will learn about the methodology, the individual, his environment and the risk’s factors linked to them.

In the afternoon, we will learn about assessing the risks, identifying the favorable terrains, understanding the communication rules and the way to move.

Day 2
The second day happens as the first one in order for you to assimilate the risk management process and strengthen your first learnings. Some topics will be reviewed, others will be further developed and some new ones will enlarge your knowledge.

Join us and improve your knowledge linked to the risk management processes related to outdoor activities in the snow. These will allow you to enjoy even more your next skiing and mountaineering trips. We will soon fix the dates of the next training. 

Price per person

Group of 4800CHF
Group of 5740CHF
Group of 6700CHF
Group of 7680CHF
Group of 8660CHF

Price includes

  • Guiding fee

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