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Julian Alps, Slovenia, 5 Day Guided Ice Climbing

Julian Alps
Julian Alps
Julian Alps
julian alps

IFMGA certified mountain guide Klemen wants to lead you on a challenging 5 day ice climbing expedition at Kranjska Gora in the Julian Alps of Slovenia.

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Julian Alps

5 Days

Jan, Feb

Extremely Fit



The Julian Alps are a fantastic mountain range in Slovenia. This collection of peaks rests near the border of Northern Italy, and were named after the Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

On this 5 day adventure, I would like to take you to various areas within the Julian Alps for some thrilling ice climbing. We will operate out of Kranjska Gora. This area is one of the most famous areas in Slovenia for winter sports. And has hosted several international events, including the Alpine skiing world series. Your hotel will be located here, and is very comfortable. Thus giving you the chance to rest and recuperate for the next day’s ice climbing!

I will guide you through all kinds of different areas. There is the Predel lake, where there are several different ice falls. There is Mount Prisank (2,547m), where there are several ice falls. There is the Planica valley and the memorable Crne Vode as well. The Crne Vode is an area full of glorious waterfalls that in the winter season become glorious ice falls that you can scale.

Ice climbing is an exhilarating activity. And in the Julian Alps it is absolutely unforgettable. The area is gorgeous, and some of the views you will get will last a lifetime. However, the ice falls we will can be very challenging. With that said, participants should be in excellent physical condition, and should have previous ice climbing experience.

So if you are looking for a week of extreme ice climbing in the Julian Alps, then this is the trip for you. All you have to do is send me a request, and I’ll be more than happy to guide you.

And if you want to explore more of the Julian Alps, I also offer this snow shoeing trip.

Price includes

- Guiding fee


Day 1: Kranjska Gora

After participants arrive Ljubljana they will then transfer to Kranjska Gora where they will stay overnight in the Pri Martinu Inn, and get acquainted with the guides, and perform an equipment check.

Day 2: Mount Prisank (2,547m)

Today participants will take a short drive to the Koca na Gozdu hut. From there we will go to Mount Prisank, and climb one of the several ice falls available before returning to the hotel in Kranjska Gora for the night.

Day 3: Crne Vode

Today participants will take a short drive to the Planica valley, before approaching Tamar and going to Crne Vode, where there are some amazing ice falls, which we will be able to climb, before returning to the hotel in Kranjska Gora for the night.

Day 4: Predel Lake

Today we will go to the Predel lake area, where there are several ice falls available to climb before returning to our hotel in Kranjska Gora to sleep.

Day 5: Fly home

Today, after breakfast, you will return to the airport at Ljubljana and depending on the flight time, you will have time to explore the city before flying home.




Pri Martinu Inn

Meeting point

Kranjska Gora

About the guide

IFMGA Mountain Guide
I was born in Jesenice on 25.03.1967. I’m based in Gozd Martuljek in the Julian Alps, Slovenia. I qualified as an IFMGA Mountain Guide in 2003 and I was President of the Slovenian Mountain Guide Association from 2009-2013. I’ve loved the mountains for as long as I can remember. It started in primary school when I was in the local mountaineering club. In high school I started climbing. Later I joined the mountain rescue team in Kranjska Gora and I have been a member of the rescue team since 1994. I’ve been guiding for the past 11 years in the Alps and all around the world. Each year I usually guide for about 150 days.
Alongside my work, my family (wife, 2 children), travel and mountain photography are my passions.
- Guiding skills: rock climbing, climbing routes, touring ski, ice climbing, winter climbing.
Since 2005 I’m sponsored by Montura and last 6 years I’m skiing on Elan skies.


Slovenian | German | English



What people are saying about Klemen Gricar

Koen Willemse


August, 2020

I really want to thank Klemen Gricar to take a lot of time for our two children of 8 years and 10 years. He had all the appropiate gear with him, provided a lot of safety measurements and took his time to explain and help them for their first 'climbing and via Ferrata experience'. They liked it so much that they wanted to do it immediately again.

roberto vitorino


May, 2019

We would like to thank you very much, for the patience and great efforts of Mr. Klemen with our kid. It was a great experience.

Liam McGarry


October, 2017

Klemen is an excellent guide, with an intuitive feel for the mountains. He speaks several languages and his skills and experience are second to none. He first climbed Triglav when he was 7 and has over 40 years experience in Mountains, including 15 years in Mountain Rescue. You could not be in sounder, safer or better hands. Klemen brought my wife and I up Triglav in one day, we stayed the night in the Kredarica hut and went down the next morning. We’re not experienced climbers but are reasonably fit. Many people had told us that it was too windy, too cold to go up the mountain. Because of this, we wanted an experienced guide. Unless you’re a very experienced climber, I wouldn’t recommend going beyond the hut in any weather. It is exciting, scary at times and challenging… but it is so incredibly worth it, without a doubt the highlight of our holiday and year. We learned so much and have amazing memories! Klemen emailed us in advance to check we had the right gear and met us in Mojstrana (we had a rental car and it was easy to find & leave the car). He provided us with crampons, because he sensed they would be useful in the conditions. Many people didn’t have them, but we were very grateful we did. This is just one example of how well he understood the Mountain and how extra prepared he was. He brought us up quickly through the forests and highlighted the best place to get water and take photographs. He suggested when to add layers, and taught us many tips for walking, hiking and scrambling. At the hut, he acted as translator, ensured we got food and that my wife and I had a room to ourselves. Klemen brought us up the Triglav late afternoon, he ensured we had the right gear and tied rope round us and made sure we had the crampons on right. We had a harness on but didn’t use in the end, as we didn’t need to and we moved quicker without it. He kept pushing us, which was a good thing and took some photos along the way to help us remember the occasion. He would teach us the right way to do things, and ensured even we we felt challenged we were always safe. After descending, which is tricky too for novices, he went back to make sure people still on the mountain got down safe as it was getting dark. Klemen is fit, and will be able to match any pace you can go. He’s happy to answer questions and can alter the route as required (we went down the mule route for parts to avoid scrambling sections). On the morning, when we saw people climbing up Triglav we noted how the conditions were different and how tricky it would have been to pass other groups. We were very glad to have climbed it the day before, plus it made the evening a lot more relaxing and allowed a few celebratory beers. Klemen even brought us for tea/coffee after we got to the bottom and had lent me mountain boots as well as providing tape, after I had got blisters from walking. Unless you’re familiar with climbing Triglav, I would definitely recommend a guide. You get so much more out of it, learning and adventure wise, but mostly safety wise. Talking to Klemen you realise how experienced he is in terms of climbing, how much he loves the mountains, how he’s taught his kids climbing and skiing, and how well he is respected. Klemen knows many mountains well, especially the Alps (climbed Mount Blanc over 60 times). Triglav is spectacular, and we’d definitely recommend getting a guide and there’s no better guide than Klemen. ps we looked at a few providers, and Explore Share were not only best value (price wise) but they were also great at keeping in touch and re-assuring us that we could make it to the top. A great service. Thanks


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