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Kalymnos, Greece, Guided Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

Multi-pitch on Kalymnos - KCG

Come to Kalymnos island and join rock climbing instructor Simon on a multi-pitch rock climbing adventure that will give you a great experience and some stupendous views.


1 Day

Mar - Nov




Famous for so much, from its history to its wonderfully friendly people, Greece more than lives up to its lofty expectations. And when it comes to the beauty of the country’s islands, it effortlessly exceeds those previously mentioned expectations. And one of the most beautiful islands in the nation’s rich collection is the focus of this trip: Kalymnos.

Rock climbing on the island of Kalymnos is unforgettable. It is thrilling, refreshing, and exhilarating. And on this amazing excursion, I would like to guide you along one of the many choices of multi-pitch routes that can be found throughout the island. Some of the routes you can choose from on this trip include the 3 Stripes route, which is perfect for 5c level climbers and is 175 meters high, and the Oraia Stithi route, which is perfect for 6a level climbers and is 110 metres high. There are other routes I would be happy to guide you through as well.

Regardless of which route you choose on this trip you will get to enjoy a remarkable climbing experience. And along with the joy of climbing the island’s walls, you will also be rewarded with some exceptional views. in some instances, you will even get to gaze at the gorgeous, nearby island of Telendos.

The routes you will climb start from level 5c, 150m, no multi-pitch climbing experience is necessary. Throughout this trip, you will be practicing several important rock climbing skills. Some examples include the following.

  • Top rope climbing

  • Safe descending and belaying 

  • Basic safety skills

  • Understanding of outdoor risks

Rock climbing anywhere is a fun, exciting activity. But rock climbing in Kalymnos is something entirely different. It is something special, something exceptional. And to experience it for yourself, all you have to do is send me a request.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Rope

- Harness

- Helmet

- Climbing shoes

- Belay and rappel devices

- Quickdraws

Price details

PRICE INCLUDES: Guiding fees, all climbing equipment, all information to help you to organize your stay on Kalymnos, transport to the crag.


What is the minimum climbing level required?

You need to be comfortable in level 5c/6a for the most enjoyable multi-pitch climbing experience.

How long is the multi-pitch route?

It is 170m.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Rock Climbing Instructor

After nearly 10 years of mountaineering in Chamonix, I decided to dedicate myself to rock climbing.

In 2005, after one year intensive training, he got the french national sport’s instructor certificate for rock climbing (BEES escalade).

I have been exploring the crags of France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and China. I finally decided to set up his climbing school in the island of Kalymnos (Greece). The beautiful landscapes, the endless sunshine and the vast climbing potential of the island convinced me to settle here from my first visit.

Since then, climbers from all over the world came to share his passion and to take avantage of his experience to improve their rock climbing skills. I have opened many new routes both in Kalymnos and Telendos from 4 to 9a. I climb 8a on-sight and red-point up to 8c. I did most of the routes of the island and always has new projects to red point!


Greek | French | English

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What people are saying about Simon



Amazing experience, great guide! Wholeheartedly recommended.



We had Mattias for our first day who was amazing, such a cool guy, made the day fun and enjoyable and we learned a lot from him. On our second day we had Tania who was an excellent teacher, very patient and definitely recommend both of them.



We've had a great time climbing with Tania. Yoga in the evenings helped to calm our minds and focus on meditative strategies on the crag. All in all wonderful!


It was all perfect! We have great climbing days in Kalymnos!


With benevolence, confidence and gentleness, Simon Montmory provides high-quality advice to make a leap forward in the practice of climbing, whatever your starting level. He showed a lot of patience in teaching me the safety techniques for belaying in outside routes and encouraged me to progress in levels which seemed difficult to me. You will live an extraordinary experience in this magnificent place located between sky and sea that is Kalymnos.

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