Mountain ascents in Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees

Join a certified mountain guide on one of these spectacular ascents to explore the most beautiful peaks of Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees.




Trip Duration

1/2 day

Mountain Range

Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada

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6 people

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Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

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Not specified



    Mountain climbing fanatics, join me in this amazing adventure to Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees! I have a lot of ascents to offer and you can choose according to what kind of landscape you want to explore.

    These are the possible ascents:

    • To Pica D’Estats, with its 3143 meters. It is a 2-day climbing expedition and we will ascend along the southern face of the Pyrenees. We will start from the Molinassa, to the Vallferrera hut where we will spend the night. The next day, we will climb upwards passing through the Sotllo and Estats lakes and Sotllo port, up to the roof of Catalonia.
    • To Taillon, we will ascend to a height of 3144 meters. The duration of the trip is 2 days. We will depart from Tentes mountain pass, from Gavarnia and arrival at the Sarradets hut by traversing the Bujaruelo port. On the second day, our ascent to Taillon will take place through the classic route of the Brecha de Rolando, the Falsa Brecha and the Dedo.
    • To the peak of Pedrafoca, with its 2506 meters. Our ascent will be through the Verdet pass to the top of the Pollego Superior del Pedrafoca, from the Estasen hut. The descent will be along Gosol which will make us follow a circular path back to the hut. The duration of this trip is 1 day.
    • To Perdiguero’s summit, with its 3222 meters. During this 2-day climbing trip, we will ascend through the classic route along the Estos valley. We will sleep at a hut with the same name. On the second day, we will reach the mountain’s summit and then descend to the base of the valley.
    • To the top of Vignemale, with a height of 3299 meters. For this 2-day expedition, we propose an ascent to the high mountain from Ossoue valley and spending the night at the Bayssellance hut. In addition, we will complete the climbing trip by crossing the crest which goes from the Vignamale to the Montferrat.
    • Ascent to the top of Poset, at 3371 meters, through the Eriste valley across the Fonda canal. On the first day, we will ascend from the Espigantosa bridge up to the Angel Orus hut where we will spend the night. The next day we will reach the mountain’s top and descend to the Pleta de Estallo.
    • 1-day ascent to Velete, at 3398 meters. We will progress up the mountain from the Hoya de la Mora, until reaching the summit. We will then go back to the university hostel where we will celebrate our reaching of the peak.
    • To Aneto mountain, with its 3404 meters. Our adventure will commence from the Besurta up to the Renclusa hut where we will sleep. On the second day, we will traverse the gap to get to the top and the back to the Besurta.
    • 2-day ascent to Monteperdido, at 3355 meters. We will depart from the Ordesa prairie, up to the Goriz hut where we will sleep that night. The next day, we will reach the mountain’s peak and descend back to the prairie.
    • Reaching Mulhacen’s peak at 3479 meters. On the first day of this 2-day trip we will ascend from Trevelez to the Poquiera shelter where we will sleep. The next day, we will continue our ascent through the west face and descending across the south one back to Trevelez.

    So, pick any of these ascent options and come with to this great summer climbing experience. I’ll we waiting for your contact. I will be a pleasure to be your guide and accompany you to the insides of the Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees.

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    150 EUR

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    120 EUR

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    95 EUR

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    70 EUR

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    70 EUR


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