Patagonian Crossing, 14-day Mountain biking tour in the Lake District of Argentina and Chile, from Bariloche

Join EPGAMT-certified guide Ilan as he leads you on this truly wonderful and mesmerizing 14-day mountain biking tour in the Lake District of Argentina and Chile, starting in Bariloche and winding around the breath-taking, mind-blowing and other-worldly scenery that Patagonia is known for.




Trip Duration

14 days

Mountain Range


People per Guide

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Offer Period

Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec

Type of Trip

Private and Group


  • Mountain bike around the spectacular Lake District of Patagonia!

  • Ride past forests, lakes, volcanoes, hot springs and more

  • Mountain bike on fun trails in the heart of the Andes

  • Take in the other-worldly and jaw-dropping scenery all around


The vast expanses and epic scenery of Patagonia have fascinated people for centuries, and if you join me on this 14-day mountain biking tour in the Lake District of Patagonian Argentina and Chile, we will explore and discover the best this amazing region has to offer, including volcanoes, lakes, forests and hot springs, with the mighty Andes Mountains looming large above it all.

The Lake District of Patagonia stretches across both Argentina and Chile, with a high concentration of forests, lakes and volcanoes. The region has been called “The Switzerland of the Southern Hemisphere” owing to its similarity to the Swiss landscape, and it is an immensely popular place for indulging in outdoor activities.

After meeting in Bariloche on day 1, to go through all safety and general information, the first 5 days of the journey are dedicated to exploring the lakes and terrain nearby, with highlights including Lago Escondido, Peninsula de Arrayanes and Lake Lacar, with each containing a myriad of singletracks and thrilling downhill trails.

We then start our Andean crossings, beginning with Lanin National Park and biking across to the gorgeous Valdivian Rainforest, Huilo-Huilo Reserve and the sumptuous Lake Pirehueico.

After a rest day in Pucon, the final 4 days are spent riding around the wide array of volcanoes and hot springs that dot the Andes, with the centerpiece of Volcano Lanin (12, 460 feet) proving magnificent.

Along all of these sections are different types of mountain biking tracks designed to challenge you, with many dirt and gravel roads, technical trails and singletracks making for a thrilling experience, especially with the sublime scenery all around us.

We say our goodbyes back in Bariloche, weary yet thrilled at the special things we have seen and done over the previous 2 weeks.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to mountain bike around the glorious landscapes of Patagonia – book now and you won’t regret it!

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    • Day 1BARILOCHE

      Arrival in Bariloche. Prepare bikes, trip and safety briefing, visit the city and enjoy a great meal at a local eatery.


      Scenic mountain biking in the vicinity of Bariloche, on dirt roads and singletrack.


      The day starts with a boat ride across the immense Lake Nahuel Huapito Peninsula de Arrayanes (ancient myrtle wood -Luma apiculata- forest) followed by exciting singletrack through this unique forest to a lake side picnic. In
      the afternoon, more trails to arrive at the charming Villa La Angostura. In the evening, time to explore the town.


      Fun riding in the vicinity of Villa La Angostura with some mild climbs and great views of the lush forest and crystalline lakes. Transfer along the well-known Seven Lakes Road. Spectacular downhill ride into town on the
      shores of Lake Lacar. San Martin is a story book village of perfect log houses and beautiful scenery.


      Delve into the forest for more great riding to Lago Escondido (Hidden Lake). The trail passes by a Mapuchi community (indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina) that maintains its
      traditional way of life.

    • Day 6NONTHUÉ

      Scenic riding in Lanin National Park along Lake Lacar and the beginning of the first Andean crossing. Spend the night near Lake Nonthué in the heart of Patagonia.


      Cross into Chile via Hua Hum Pass in the Valdivian rain forest of the Patagonian Andes. A two hour ferryboat ride across Lake Pirehueico allows for pictures and leisurely contemplation of the stunning landscape. In the afternoon, visit Huilo-huilo Reserve, a private protected area near the Choshuenco Volcano, and take a hike to
      the wonderful Huilo-huilo Falls.

    • Day 8COÑARIPE

      Traverse from Neltume to Coñaripe, a small village that serves as a meeting place for the many Mapuche communities in the area. Finish the ride at the hot springs of Termas Coñaripe Hotel and a night of luxury.

    • Day 9PUCÓN - REST DAY

      Pucón is a picturesque town with Lake Villarrica to the North and the impressive Villarrica Volcano to the South.
      There are great cafes and restaurants for those wanting a day of leisure. But this is also the center of Chilean adventure tourism, perfect for those who want a chance to play in the water on a rafting excursion or get their
      adrenaline fix zip-lining the woods.


      Drive to the ski resort on Volcano Villarrica to enjoy an exhilarating downhill ride to the lake. In the afternoon, soak in steaming outdoor hot springs, a short ride from town. Then it is time to prepare for the crossing back into

    • Day 11CURARREHUE

      Transfer to Curarrehue, where the riding begins deep in the Doctor Seuss-like forest of monkey-puzzle trees
      (Araucaria araucana), Coihe and Lenga Beech trees. Spectacular views of the surrounding volcanoes abound.


      Cross back on a dirt road into Argentina and Lanin National Park via the Mamuil Malal Pass. The highlight of the
      day is seeing the majestic Volcano Lanin (12,460 feet) towering over the surrounding landscape.


      Pedal mostly downhill from the forests and lakes of the past twelve days towards the drier Andean steppe and the town of Junin de los Andes. The riding has come to an end! Return to Bariloche after a two and a half hour drive.

    • Day 14BARILOCHE

      Continue on to further adventures or enjoy a last steak and red wine before heading back home.
      ¡Hasta la próxima! (Until next time!)


    Other details

    Skill level required


    Fitness level required


    Meeting point

    Bariloche, Argentina


    Hotel or lodge accommodation, depending on location.


    About the Guide


    For most of my adult life the mountains, especially the Andes of South America, have been a source of self realization and fulfillment. There is nowhere I feel more mindful and free then out in the hills. I fell in love with the outdoors on family hikes in the Israeli desert. My love affair with the mountains started while working in the Alta Ski Resort in Utah, USA. But it was in Argentina after a season working as a porter on Aconcagua that I decided to make guiding my profession. I am forever grateful for the chance to share my passion with others as a way of making a living.

    During the austral summer I work exclusively on Aconcagua leading groups up the western hemisphere's tallest mountain. For most of my clients these expeditions are their first foray up a high altitude mountaineering destination. The altitude, extreme weather and two weeks of tent life are a new and challenging experience. Supporting clients through this experience is my favorite aspect of guiding: being able to introduce people to this knew powerful environment and to help them discover their inner strengths to complete this exciting challenge.

    When I am not guiding on Aconcagua the Cordillera Real in Bolivia, the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash in Peru and the national parks of Patagonia are my favorite places for climbs and treks in South America. Especially the Huayhuash Trek in Peru and Mt. Illimani in Bolivia for their utter beauty and incredible cultural richness.

    I am also an avid mountain biker and hill runner. There is nothing I like to do more during the off season then to explore mountain biking itineraries that cross the Andes. I offer trips that cross the Andes twice in Patagonia, go over 5,000-meter high passes from Salta, Argentina to the Atacama desert in Chile and a ride that starts in Cusco, Peru descends to mythical Machu Picchu and then climbs up to Lago Titicaca.

    The amazing thing about South America is that there is an infinite number of untapped destinations ready to be discovered. Whether it be for trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking or hill running there is an ideal itinerary for everyone. Some are classic destinations offered by various outfitters but many are bespoke trips tailored for your specific interests. It would be my great pleasure to be able to organize and lead you on your next South American excursion.



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