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Rock climbing in Verbier with a guide

Rock climbing in Verbier

Join Guy, an IFMGA certified mountain guide, for 1 or more days of rock climbing in Verbier and the Bas-Valais area. Discover the great variety of crags in a tour suitable for all skill levels!

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I invite you to join me for 1 or more days and enjoy the exciting rock climbing routes Verbier has to offer.

There are routes for all skill levels in this region of the Canton of Valais in Switzerland. Some of them are perfect for beginners whereas others will also challenge even the best climbers!

Its specially sunny weather and the variety of different crags make the Valais region a great rock climbing destination.At the same time, is the perfect opportunity to discover the wilderness in the Bas-Valais area.

If you are already an experienced climber you will be able to tacke the mountain side rock and enjoy the stunning views. We can do single pitch and multi-pitch climbing on the best rock and all difficulties. Also, if you are giving your first steps into rock climbing, I will choose the best option for you!

My favourite rock climbing spots in the area of Verbier include La Pierre Avoi, Chemin and Orny.

Besides, Verbier offers the possibility of climbing almost all year round, from February to November. There are plenty of little crags, and what’s best, they are not too busy.

So what are you waiting for? Send me a request and we can start planning your climbing trip to Verbier together!

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Rock climbing level : from easy to sustained

About the guide

I am a mountain guide and ski instructor based in Verbier, Switzerland.
During the summer, I enjoy very much bringing my friends and clients on the 4000 meters of the Alps and do some rock climbing in high altitude. During the winter and spring, I love going freeride skiing, ski touring and guide on the ice falls. I'll be happy to be your guide and share wonderful mountain experiences with you. Feel free to have a look at some of my programs and get in touch with me if you are interested by one of them.


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What people are saying about Guy Robert May

Johan Hellström


September, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Kate Hess-McCarthy


July, 2023

Guy was a fantastic Guide and I really enjoyed the 3 days with him. We were able to climb the Breithorn, the Riffelhorn & Pollux. He has thought me to really love climbing and I would highly recommend him for any mountaineering tours. Best, Kate

Chanel Liang


June, 2023

It was a really great tour - thanks to guy for the amazing experience.

Brett Proctor


August, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Tomoki Imai


July, 2022

Thank you so much for guiding me!

Pierre Patie


July, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

dan sleater


March, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Wouter Wathiong


August, 2021

Experienced guide ensuring the safety of the trip at all times.

Fahim Rahim


August, 2021

Guy was amazing guide. Very knowledgeable and expert skills. I learned a lot from him during the trip. I would do any mountain with Guy in a heart beat. This is your people if you wanna climb in the Alps.

Mark Caslin


January, 2021

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Kevin Hadley


September, 2020

This trip was absolutely fantastic! Guy was a very knowledgeable guide, with extensive experience and know-how to get up the mountain. Guy worked with me to understand the conditions, reschedule a summit bid for later in the week, and then successfully summit the Matterhorn. I would easily consider him a short-roping jedi - which was essential for a safe trip up the Matterhorn. Speed is everything in the alpine, and Guy understands that and moves quickly, perhaps too quickly in some instances (not much time desired at summit or for pictures, etc. even though we were the third group to summit and where hours ahead of other parties). That being said, it did not detract from the overall summit and I was grateful to be off the summit before the fixed ropes were full of other parties. A more relaxed tone at times would have been appreciated but I understood the underlying desire to move quickly. The only thing lacking was a more formal expectation procedure but perhaps this is only my expectations. A formalized gear list, an understanding of the hut prices, and gondola rides, etc. Overall, this was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be using Guy again for other alpine adventures that require guiding.

Travis Workman


July, 2020

Guy was an incredible guide up the Matterhorn. Everything was clear and concise about how to reach the summit efficiently and safely. He was very knowledgeable with extensive experience in mountaineering as well as being able to speak every language on the mountain with other climbers from various countries. For anyone’s next extreme adventure I highly recommend him.

Marzena Rosiak


October, 2019

I highly recommend Explore-Share company and my guide Guy Robert May. I had a great time scrambling the Hornli Ridge with Guy-Robert which was very professional and friendly. The weather was not prominent for already settle climbing day, still Guy-Robert managed to squeeze me in his busy calendar and guides me to the top on the other day. (!) He easily shared his knowledge and experiences, gave me a few tips, and inspired to come back to Switzerland to tackle similar routes. Lupe thank YOU very much for all your help in finding perfect guide and again, Guy-Robert - many thanks for fantastic experience!

David -


September, 2019

The explore site is clumsy. it needs work, certainly on the payments. Guy-Robert was very professional, skilled. Good English, very experienced. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to friends.

William Kerr


August, 2019

Guide Guy-Robert May was absolutely excellent in the strict sense of being a mountain guide. He demonstrated outstanding knowledge of the route, safety procedures and technical aspects of the climb. However, I noted that Guy-Robert and the other local guides working with clients during my ascent seemed singularly interested in getting their work-day done quickly. I came to understand a few aspects behind their motivation. Firstly, I noted the guides don't want un-guided climbing groups to follow their route. Secondly, I learned that many of the guides have back to back bookings and need to return to the Hörnli Hut or Zermatt to meet their next clients at a certain time. Given that this is their profession, I understand the guides' desire to move things along quickly. Unfortunately rather than being forthcoming, the guides attempted to justify their reasons for such speed solely under the pretense of safety. After 30 years of mountaineering throughout the world, I am keenly aware that speed equals safety in the mountains. However for many including myself, the joy of climbing includes more than just the physical challenge. Taking moments to enjoy being in the mountains can be just as important as reaching the summit. Simply pushing a client to move as fast as possible leaves little room for that enjoyment. On the Matterhorn like any climb there are positions of relative safety. The summit and Solvay Refuge specifically come to mind. I would have liked to see my guide provide for a more leisurely stop in these areas to afford me time to enjoy my surroundings. I would highly recommend Guide Guy-Robert May to anyone solely intent on conquering their intended Swiss summit. However, for those looking to enjoy their climbs, immerse themselves in their surroundings and indulge in the technical skills being used this type of booking may not be for you. I regret not having a critical conversation with my guide about his climbing strategy prior to finalizing my booking. I am very happy to have made the summit and give all of the credit to my guide. Be that as it may, I would not book another climb with him or Explore-Share without specific assurances regarding the intended climbing philosophy.


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