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Zermatt 2-Day Guided Rock Climbing Course

Zermatt 2-Day Guided Rock Climbing Course
Zermatt 2-Day Guided Rock Climbing Course

Enjoy a 2-Day Guided Rock Climbing Course in Zermatt in the Swiss Alps and climb the Riffelhorn with IFMGA Certified Mountain Guide Herbert.


2 Days

All year




Join me for a 2-Day Rock Climbing Course in Zermatt, in the stunning Swiss Alps.

As soon as a person arrives in Zermatt, or anywhere else in the Swiss Alps, they look up, see the peaks, and immediately want to climb them. It's easy to see why anybody would have that kind of reaction. Because after just a glance at those glorious peaks, who wouldn't want to scale them to the top? Who wouldn't want to reach their summits and see an unrivalled view of what appears to be the entire world that only a select few will ever get to enjoy?

However, before you begin to realise those dreams and ambitions, it's important to learn how to Rock Climb safely. It's important to know the proper techniques, so you can enjoy the thrill of Rock Climbing over and over again. Hence the importance of the skills you will learn during this course that will be conducted on a Crag. Some of the items we will cover include, Rope Handling, Belaing Techniques, Introductory Climbing Techniques, Rappelling, Top-Rope Climbing, Lead Climbing.

On the second day, south of Zermatt, we will climb the Riffelhorn (2,928m). This amazing peak that looks like a spike shooting up from the ground will put all of the skills you learned and refined the day before to the test. While also providing you with an amazing view of the famous Matterhorn and Monte Rosa.

So come, let me teach you how to properly and safely Rock Climb in Zermatt. And afterwards, use that knowledge and let me guide you up the Riffelhorn, where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Alps.

I'll be awaiting your message.

And if you want to take a course in Ice Climbing that also involves climbing Breithorn. You can join me here.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Rope

- Quickdraws


Day 1: Rock Climbing Course on a Crag in Zermatt

Day 2: Utilise skills learned the day before while climbing the Riffelhorn (2,928m)



More info

Enrollment must take place 4 weeks prior to trip.

Meeting point

I can meet you at the bottom of one of the cable cars.

About the guide

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Mountain Guide

I am a nature lover who made his hobbies and passion into his profession. I possess only international recognized qualifications. As I am active in the mountains the whole year round my goal is to complement the programmes of the local organizations. My desire is to share with you my joy on the mountains, my knowledge, my experience and to make your stay in Zermatt to an unforgettable experience.

In the following pages you will find a few suggestions and ideas for your holiday in Zermatt. If my ideas or suggestions do not meet your demands, please do not hesitate to let me know what you would like to do and I will create your own personal programme. I am not only active in Zermatt but also everywhere where outdoor activities can be done. It would be a pleasure to accompany you safely and competently in the mountains.


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What people are saying about -Herbert



Herbie was rude and did not honor nor address our request to ski some moguls or any semi off piste runs even between the groomed runs. He skied so fast that he lost us at the beginning and then yelled at us for not keeping up. His communication skills were poor. We realized that snow conditions and temperature was such that there may not have been any moguls but I feel a paying customer should never be yelled at. I would not recommend this booking or Herbie to anyone. 15 minutes into the experience, we thought about dismissing him because he was so unpleasant. He did do a good job booking a restaurant for lunch at the border. There was zero ski instruction. A little advance warning prior to the booking would haven been better. Respectfully, Tommy Yen



Great guy with alot of experiance . Learnt alot from him. Would definaltey recommend . And i will 100% be using him again. Thank you herbert and hope to see you again soon . Take care . Wayne



We were group of 3 with Herbert to the Monte Rosa drop off location. Our group has done lots of heli-skiing, cat skiing, and hiked routes. What we look for in guides is 1) safety 2) matching route to technical ability 3) advice in complex sections 4) having a personality and making the day fun. On safety: Herbert did a good safety briefing and told us where to position ourselves relative to his tracks, that was the extent of his safety. One of our group members fell part-way into a crevasse and was dangling on the ice wall, and he leisurely pulled out his rope to throw it down even after being told there was a very far drop. He routinely skiied out-of-sight of the entire group even in more dangerous sections. If someone had fallen through again, there was no rescuing them as he was the only one with the safety gear. On matching the route the technical ability of the group he did fine, the only part that was an issue was the very long flat ski out (he warned us about this, so we knew it ahead of time, I wouldn't do this route again because of this). On advice/tips for complex routes, he had nothing to offer, and was annoyed when you asked him questions, the only thing he said was "lean forward on your skiis", and didn't try to help anyone who had challenges. On the last part, personality, this was the worst. He was extremely annoyed that he had to help the person out of the crevasse, and even more annoyed that a snowboarder in our group was slower in the flat section. He complained to other ski guides that passed by that he was late for his lunch. When we stopped to break and took pictures he asked us to stop wasting time with taking our phones out. When we asked him if we should bring water (for a 5 hour ski) he said it's no necessary, which was crazy. Overall, it really put a damper on the entire experience, we spent a lot of money and came from Canada to experience this, and he nearly ruined it. He's a really good technical skiier, but has no patience nor does he put an ounce of effort in to making it fun or making people feel safe.



Great trip. Herby i very very detailed and showed me a lot on my first outdoor climbing adventure



Le guide n'a pas pris le temps de donner des explications, ne nous a quasiment rien expliqué. Il semblait plus lui importer de faire la courses avec les autres cordées que de nous prendre en charge correctement. Il s'est énervé à la moindre difficulté rencontrée, se montrant grossier et très peu professionnel. N'a donné que des indications très vagues, s'est montré brutal dans les manipulations. Un honte.

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