trip duration TRIP DURATION
2 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
8 people
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period OFFER PERIOD
Jan, Feb, Mar
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP
Not specified


Enjoy some remote, low altitude (below 1,000m), deep powder snow runs overlooking the coastlines of Ishikari bay!

Stay at one of the historical and quaint mountain hut with some character, called Ginryousou at the foot of Mt Harukayama. You can ski down to the hut from the summit and treasure the pristine time spent in front of fireplace with lamps.

Required Technical / Fitness Levels
– You must be able to safely ski down ungroomed slopes of 30-35 degrees
– You must be able to hike 2-3 hours per day
– Previous experience not required

JPY 30,000 – 50,000 per person

Included in Price:-
Guide Fee, Accommodation (to be paid directly at the hut), Breakfasts and Dinners

Excluded from Price:-
Lunch, snacks and any alcoholic beverages

Day 1: Leave the Guest house and walk to Onze Ski Area. We’ll take a lift up and 2.5 hours hike from the top of the lift will bring us to the summit of Mt Harukayama. Ski from the summit of Mt Harukayama to Ginreiso where we will be staying overnight. Total hours of activity around 4-5 hours.

Day 2: Leave Ginreiso in the morning to head to Mt Harukayama, then to Mt Wausuyama. Ski from the summit, and hike up again to ski down to the Guest house at around 1-2pm. I can drive you to Shinchitose Airport on the same day. Hours of activity around 5 hours.

Info on Ginreiso
There is a guardian at Ginreiso, but no food nor electricity. I will take the food for the group to be cooked for dinner to be eaten by the fireplace.
There are also plenty of blankets, but having summer sleeping bag or a liner bag could increase your comfort level!
Tthe hut is kept warm and cosy at all times as the fireplace is running constantly. The hut sells and serves coffee but nothing else.
Hut has no access to electricity nor tap, but operates on lamps and springs for water nearby. The water is drinkable.
There are 4 rooms with bunkbeds for guests.

Wildlife –
Wild foxes, rabbits and ezo squirrels appear in the proximity of the hut. You can hear the sound of Kumagera pecking trees and owls cry. Climbers and hikers visit the hut for hiking in the summer and for backcountry skiing in the winter.

Location –
To access the hut, you will go to JR Zenibako station, which is located on the border of Sapporo city and Otaru city, get a bus for 10 min, and a further 2.5 hours hike from the start point of the Mt Harukayama hiking passage.

History –
Ginreiso has been used as the “oasis of the mountains” since the beginning of Showa era (1870s). The current Ginreiso was initially constructed by Hokkaido Shinmbun in 1960 and since 1974 Hokkaido Tokai University has been responsible for the maintenance and operation of the hut.

Kit List:

  • Ski gears (skis, boots, skins, avalanche safety gears)
  • Ski wears
  • Down jacket
  • Balaclava
  • Sunglasses
  • Head torch
  • Spare batteries
  • Spare underwears top and bottom
  • Spare socks
  • Bowl / Cutleries (Plate, bowl, Chopsticks, Cutleries e.g. spork for 2 meals, can be disposable)
  • water bottle (at least 1l)
  • lunch on the mountain and snacks
  • face towel
  • hat
  • fleece lined gloves
  • camera
  • travel insurance
  • Other personal items

Price per person

1 Person40000JPY
Group of 240000JPY
Group of 340000JPY
Group of 440000JPY
Group of 540000JPY
Group of 640000JPY
Group of 740000JPY
Group of 840000JPY

Other details

More info

The price ranges between JPY 30000 and 50000 per person.

Day light house in Hokkaido during Jan - Feb is Sunrise at 6:30 / 7am and Sunset at 4:30 / 5pm.
Niseko, Otaru, Sapporo Area - Average daily low at -8c in Jan/Feb. In the mountains, -10c to -15c.
Asahidake, Tokachidake, Teshiodake Area - Very cold in Jan/Feb. Even in Asahikawa City, the average daily low is around -13c and in the mountains it could be as low as or lower than -25c.
In both regions, the number of sunny days are very limited. In general, there are more than 25 days of snow in a month.

Extra Information
- Please prepare your lunch and snacks before the trip
- You can leave items that are unnecessary for climbing in my car. However, please take valuables with you
- It may be necessary to change the itinerary depending on the weather and conditions
- If you are planning on bringing alcoholic beverages with you, I advise you to bring it in a plastic bottle or platypus.