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Backcountry Skiing in Hakuba

Enjoy some of the best powder skiing in the world!

Located at the heart of the Japan Alps, in the Nagano Prefecture, Hakuba offers easy access to spectacular backcountry terrain and unique light dry powder. Hakuba receives an average of 11 meters of snow each season, making it a dream destination for powder hounds!  

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February, 2020

Private group backcountry skiing tours in Hakuba, Japan 

Best day of skiing of my life. It exceeded my expectations. Excellent guide and communication prior to the trip. I highly recommend.

Steven Elke


February, 2020

Private group backcountry skiing tours in Hakuba, Japan 

Hi, since you insist to get feedback I am happy to give some. I am afraid to say our guide Luis absolutely didn’t meet the expectations. I expect 3 things from a back country guide. 1. Be friendly, communicative and show you are happy to offer customers a great experience . 2. Adapt the experience on the spot to the level of the customers 3. Know the area where you go skiing. None of the 3 items above were met so our group was very disappointed to have spend that much money on a day like this. As a consequence we would not recommend your organisation to others. Perhaps your guide had a bad day or a hangover but if I was the owner I would expect more from my employees. Please note that we don’t refer in this review to our French help guide Cedric who did a good job

Kevin Baljet


January, 2019

Alps to Coast 8-Day Ski Touring Program in Nagano and Niigata

The traveller did not leave a comment.



February, 2017

Freeride skiing in Gunma and Nigata

I just wanted to say that Kenichi-san was a fantastic guide and a really good man. We loved our time with him and got to ski much more powder snow than if we had been by ourselves. I highly recommend him as a guide.



February, 2017

Myoko Backcountry Splitboard Guiding

I think Ryuta is a great guide. The tour was quite nice. I loved the lines we did. It would've been 5 stars if his English was better but his assistant guide was of great help especially in communication. Otherwise, I felt quite safe with him and his abilities



February, 2017

Myoko Backcountry Splitboard Guiding

Everything was just great, him and his partner were fully dedicated to our group and tried their best to make the most out of our day. The lines were great and they were super safety-conscious. I wish his English was a bit better, so that we'd get to interact more and learn more about the mountain, some local stories etc... Cheers!



December, 2015

Backcountry skiing in Honshu: Gunma, Hakuba and Nozawa

Just back from Hakuba –Japan and I’m so pleased to confirm we got such a great experience with Iwao who has provided a service above all expectations. Indeed assisting a family confronted to a new environment requires a certain level of patience and attention and all the family appreciated his sense of responsibilities and seriousness which allowed us to really enjoy this region by experiencing touring, hicking and of course skiing in immaculate powder. Iwao was very discreet but always acted to ensure we could take the best of all Hakuba mountains could offer to us during these 5 days.This experience will for sure remain in all our minds for long and this will be mainly thanks to Iwao ! Best, Arnaud



April, 2015

Ski touring around Gunma and Nigata area

We had a wonderfull ski touring trip with Iwao in Gunma. Iwao brought us in various beautifull landscapes to found very good spring snow. He is a very professional guide that can adapt to clients will and conditions! We had great time sharing our experiences about nature and mountains. The second day, we had a long tour with beautiful views on gunma's region and finissing along a river in an amazing forest. It was great fun to wait the last train in the midel of nowhere at sunset to come back to our village! Iwao has perfectly organised the trip bringing me to nice local onsen, restaurant and hôtel! Wonderfull trip to recommand!


There are many reasons for choosing Backcountry Skiing in Hakuba

Hakuba is a true powder snow paradise, receiving regular and plentiful snowfalls of an extraordinary light, dry powder throughout the winter. The Hakuba backcountry gets an average of 10-11 meters of snow each season, providing skiers and snowboarders with some of the best powder conditions in the world.


Good to know:

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Best time to visit

January and February are the best months to go skiing in Hakuba, as this is the time when it receives the best powder snow. However, the ski season extends from mid-December till April

How long should I stay?

Depending on how much time you have available, you can come to Hakuba for a few days or stay for a couple of weeks. You can easily spend a week exploring the great backcountry and enjoying spectacular runs on deep powder

What’s the weather like?

Winter in Hakuba is cold, but snow conditions are some of the best in the world. Mountain temperatures in winter are in the range of -5ºC and -13ºC, whereas in the village it will be -3º to -5ºC. You can expect fresh powder at least once a week during most of the season, but weather is generally mild by alpine terms

More info about Backcountry Skiing in Hakuba:

The village of Hakuba, surrounded by the beautiful Northern Japan Alps, is a very popular tourist destination in the country. Located in the main island of Honshu, the Hakuba Valley is home to 9 ski resorts and more than 135 lifts, allowing easy access to some of Japan’s steepest backcountry terrain.There are plenty of backcountry tours in Hakuba, of all levels of difficulty and length. The Hida Mountains provide an immense variety of terrain to choose from. Whether you are looking for wide open glade skiing, steep chutes, or amazing ridgelines, Hakuba has a little bit of everything!

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