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Svaneti, 1-Week Remote Ski Touring in Georgia

Svaneti, 1-Week Remote Ski Touring in Georgia

Join local, certified IFMGA/GMGA guide, Nick, on a unique winter adventure in Svaneti. Spend 9-days ski touring in Georgia and explore Tetnuldi, Koruldi, Lamaria, Detsili, Chalaadi Glacier, and more on an unforgettable powder fest!

Private and Group


9 Days

Feb, Mar, Apr




  • Enjoy a unique ski touring adventure in Svaneti, Georgia.
  • Spend 9-days in a gorgeous and remote mountain setting.
  • Discover Georgia with a local certified guide who can show you its secret spots.


Would you like to enjoy one of the best ski experiences of your life? Then ski touring in Georgia is a must for you, and this 1-week program in Svaneti will take you on some of the most unforgettable rides you can experience. 

We will set off from Mestia. Each day, we will head to a different mountain or location. Tetnuldi, Koruldi, Lamaria, Detsili, Chalaadi Glacier, and more are some of the places we will visit. You will not only experience the spectacular mountains and snow of Georgia, but also the warm welcome of its people. Additionally, you will have the chance to experience the rich local culture. You can find a detailed itinerary below.

Keep in mind that prior ski touring experience is necessary in order to join this tour. Furthermore, a good fitness level is a must as we will spend long hours in the mountain. Of course, I will be there to help and guide you, and also to share my favorite local spots with you.

So, are you ready for an amazing Svaneti winter adventure? Then send your request today and let’s start planning an unforgettable week of ski touring in Georgia!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Lift tickets

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer

- Mountain guide expenses

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner


Day 1: Greeting

Meeting in Airport, Kutaisi, Tbilisi or Batumi, transfer to Mestia.

Accommodation Included: Guesthouse

Day 2: Tetnuldi

This first day is a warmup day in Tetnuldi ski resort. We will check out off-piste conditions and do a short climb with skins at the end of the day. The atmosphere at the foot of the glaciers is great and gives you an idea of what’s awaiting you for the coming week.

Meals included: breakfast & dinner

Accommodation included: guesthouse

Day 3: Laila Pass

In the morning, we leave from Mestia to  Tskhumari village, which is the base of mount Laila. We will skin up from 1400m above sea level. From there, the skiing area goes up to 3400m so it depends on the group’s motivation to reach the top or finish somewhere on a good spot.

Meals included: breakfast & dinner

Accommodation: guesthouse

Ascent/descent +/-1400 m

Day 4: Koruldi Mountain

We will start skinning in Mestia at an altitude of 1500 m until we get to the hut where we’ll spend the night, a renovated wooden hut where you’ll really feel you’re in Georgia, beside the fireplace.

Meals included: breakfast & dinner

Accomodation included: Mountain Hut

Ascent/descent: +/- 1200 m

Day 5: Chalaadi Glacier

From the mountain hut, we will start skinning and climb up to 3700 m above sea level to the Chalaadi glacier. This is one of the best places for powder skiing in Svaneti. A long descent will take us back to the valley.

Meals included: breakfast & dinner

Accommodation included: guesthouse

Ascent/descent: +/- 1100 m

Day 6: Ushguli, Lamaria mountain

In the early hours of the day, we will set off for Ushguli, the highest inhabited village in Europe (2200 m), close to the border with Chechnya. In this place out of this world, you will be warmly welcomed by the locals. We’ll ski one of the several valleys that open up to us to reach our guesthouse and well-deserved dinner.

Meals included: breakfast & dinner

Accommodation included: guesthouse

Ascent/descent: +/- 1000 m

Day 7: Ushguli, Latpari pass

Situated between upper and lower Svaneti, we’ll go and admire the views that the highest mountains of the Caucasus have to offer us. At the end of the day, we take a shuttle to Mestia.

Meals included: breakfast & dinner

Accommodation included: guesthouse

Ascent/descent: +/- 1000 m

Day 8: Etseri - Detsili Mountain

Etseri is located at 1600 m above sea level at the foot of Mount Ushba, 4710 m high, one of the most remarkable peaks of the Caucasus. We will make the most of the last curves on the nice slopes and you will feel like you are on top of the world.

Meals included: breakfast & dinner

Accommodation included: guesthouse

Ascent/descent: +/- 1100 m

Day 9: Tbilsi, Transfer airport.




Guesthouse/Mountain Hut

Meeting point


Equipment you will need to bring



Ice axe





Belay device

Watter bottle

Ski equipment

Climbing skins

Avalanche equipment

About the guide

A Svaneti native, Nick Phaliani grew up with a strong passion for skiing, climbing and playing in the mountains. Looking to incorporate this passion into a profession he climbed several 4000-5000m peaks multiple times and attended mountain guide courses. He is fully certified mountain guide. (IFMGA/GMGA)

Currently, he is operating Svaneti Travel Guide, a local company providing mountaineering/backcountry guide services and one of the few huts in the Svaneti region (Cloudbase Hut), which serves as a start point for different routes.


Georgian | English



What people are saying about Nick Phaliani



February, 2021

We had tough conditions with big snow falls just before we came and Nick make everything possible to find safe places where we could discover his mountains in a safely manner. Despite the high risk of avalanche we enjoyed a lot in places with limited exposure thanks to Nick’s high professionalism and knowledge of the mountain,

Nika Lelashvili


January, 2021

I can not recommend Nick enough! During our climb to Mt. Tetnuldi we always felt safe, because of how he cares for the guests and how attentive he is. He was happy to explain and teach whenever we had questions. His demeanor is calm and confident. Enjoyed every bit of the time spent during the trip. As a bonus, he is also an amazing cook, even above the 3500 m from sea level. :)



January, 2021

We had a really great time ski touring with Nick. He took us to the best skiing spots and the trip was perfectly organized. Big thanks to Nick for guiding us!



October, 2020

I had a great time with Nick and highly recommend him. He was very professional while guiding on Mt. Tetnuldi and was also teaching our group many skills. He showed great patience and skill with teaching that helped us reach the next level in our mountaineering skills. He is easy going and has a sense of humour so it is easy to spend a few days on the mountain with him. Nick comes from this area and has a depth of knowledge that is so vital in Georgia. Nick also closely helped with the planning process to make every element as smooth as possible. Safety is crucial and Nick certainly made me feel safer and more confident than other guides I have taken in the past. He will be my first choice when I have the pleasure of mountaineering in Georgia again. (also I should add that we communicated in English the whole time and there was no language barrier)

Lisa Offermann


September, 2020

We spent one week at Tednuldi basecamp to train with the rope, ice climb and climb the summit in the end. We learned a lot and I felt during all difficult stages of the week very safe. Nick is extremely attentive and cares the most for your safety. At the same time, he pushes you to your best performance. I can’t recommend him enough, as a guide and mountaineer!

Gigia Tsiklauri


August, 2020

I was privileged to have Nick Phaliani as my guide for mountaineering and climb to Ushba. Nick has superb skills and experience, his knowledge of the region is priceless. A very good leader and teacher with a relaxed style.



January, 2020

Nick is an excellent guide! We wanted to experience some great skiing and some great views - and we did! Nick is a professional and next time we get to Georgia we will contact Nick to be our guide for sure! I will definitely recommend Nick to other people (and also the cabin he has close to Mt Ushba) - we felt safe with him, had a lot of fun and got the most amazing powder turns. Also, he has a lot of knowledge about the area. You will not find a better guide.



August, 2019

The trip to Mt. Layla with Nick goes far beyond the professionalism and the technical preparation he provide. Nick has pleasant personality and is very open-minded person. He is also very attached to Georgian traditions and knows a lot about the national culture so a talkative and curious person like me would really enjoy chats with him by the accompaniment of Georgian music.

Namal Siddiqui


July, 2019

Nick was extremely helpful and motivating during our Mount Kazbegi ascent. A fun soul to be around and a great conversationalist. He really eases out the worries of weather, camping and pushes you to keep a positive mindset. I learnt a lot from him about mountain technicalities, tips and tricks about ice and snow. He also introduces you to great Georgian music, so that’s a plus!



February, 2019

We had an amazing time skiing and touring 10 days with Nick in his backyard around Mestia and Ushguli. Nick was super helpful, always found the best powder descents and was perfectly connected in the town. We stayed at his place - had amazing food and hospitality there. It was simply a great time and everything was organized perfectly by nick. Thanks.



January, 2018

We stayed in Svanetia for two weeks and toured around with Nick for freeriding. He is an enthusiastic freerider himself so he has a good eye for good riding spots, not just touring. He is also fun to hang out with and being local, has great knowledge about Svanetia. He was very organized, and we enjoyed all of our tours; the best being Ushguli and the Cloudbase Hut. We also stayed in his family guesthouse.



January, 2017

I can't recommend Nick enough! He's a true mountain pro, his snowboarding/skiing skills are amazing, same as his knowledge about mountains and Georgia in general. He showed us incredible places and told us great stories about Georgian history and mountains. Personally, he's a kind, helpful and funny guy. We spent a week together in 2017 and are good friends ever since! If you're ever in Mestia you should contact him!


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