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Troll Peninsula, Iceland, Guided Splitboard Week


* Splitboard in the amazing Troll Peninsula of northern Iceland.

* See the region's vast natural beauty.

* Enjoy soothing warm thermal pools in the village of Dalvik.


There are some fantastic splitboarding opportunities in Iceland, particularly in the Troll Peninsula.

Located in the north of the island country, the Troll Peninsula has an abundance of great slopes and traverses to choose from. There are also wonderful valleys like Svarfaðardalur and peaks like Dyjafjallshnjukur that you will get to explore. There is even an enormous glacier, the Vindheimajokull, which you will get to splitboard on. The scenery throughout the peninsula is spectacular as well, full of vast, natural landscape that will leave you awe struck.

Along with the natural beauty of the area, there are also a number of wonderful villages you will get to visit during this trip. Those villages include Siglufjörður, Olafsfjordur and Akureyri, which will be our starting and ending point.

Along with the splitboarding fun you will have on this trip, there will also be plenty of opportunity to learn and improve your abilities. We will go over important avalanche rescue techniques, along with other skills necessary for successful splitboarding.

Throughout the trip, we will be staying at the Karlsa lodge. This lovely place will give you a comfortable spot to rest and recuperate. Also helping you with recuperation will be the warm thermal pools in the village of Dalvik.

Have you ever wanted to explore Iceland? Do you enjoy splitboarding? Then send me a request and combine those two things on this amazing week long trip. I know you’ll have a great time.

I also offer a week long ski touring trip in the east fjords of the country as well.


Day 1: Akureyri

After you arrive in Akureyri, you will be transferred to the Karlsa lodge for a welcome dinner, before resting for the night.

Day 2: Siglufjörður

In the morning, we will transfer to the village of Siglufjörður, where we will practice avalanche rescue training before traversing to Hedinsfjord to the town of Olafsfjordur, where we will catch a transfer to the thermal pools in Dalvik before heading back to the lodge.

Day 3: Svarfaðardalur

Today we will traverse to the Svarfaðardalur valley or the town of Dalvik depending on weather conditions before heading back to the lodging.

Day 4: Troll Peninsula

Today we will splitboard on the highest peaks in the Troll Peninsula before returning to the lodge.

Day 5: Dyjafjallshnjukur

For today, we will splitboard up toward the Dyjafjallshnjukur peak before descending down to the beautiful Hörgárdalur valley before returning lodge for the night.

Day 6: Vindheimajökull glacier

We will traverse the incredible Vindheimajökull glacier before returning to the town of Akureyri.

Day 7: Extra day

In case of inclement weather, we will use this day to make up for any excursions lost, and if weather is agreeable throughout the trip, this day will be dedicated to great splitboarding around the lodge.



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Participants must bring the following the items with them: wind and waterproof shell jacket, wind and waterproof pants, base layer, ski pants, jacket, light down or fiber jacket, hat, gloves, ski socks, backpack 30-45L (With ski attachments), thermos or water bottle (1-2L), sunglasses, ski goggles, sun and lip cream, splitboard equipment (which can be rented if you do not have it), ski crampons (not optional!), ski poles, avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel, bathing suit, small first aid kit, camera.

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