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There are many reasons for choosing Serbia

There are a lot of fascinating aspects to Serbia, starting with its capital, Belgrade. It has roots dating back to the Vinca culture around 5700 BCE, holding a substantial place in cultures into the present day. Byzantine, Bulgarian, and Ottoman Empires all sought after this vital city, and its has stood the test of time. The art and architecture of the amalgamation of communities can be found across the country, including its natural monuments numbering over 280.


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Serbian dinar (RSD)

Best Time to Visit

The spring and the fall are the best times to visit. You can avoid the heat, and often the crowds, by steering clear of the middle of summer


The weather is of the classic cold winter, warm summer variety. The north has a continental climate that can get humid during the summers. The south features an Adriatic climate with dry summers and autumns

How to Get There

The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is the best place to fly into Serbia. The capital is in a fairly central location, and has buses to other parts of the country like the Djerdap Gorge to the northeast. The train is also available to discover the countryside. With a Eurail Global Pass, you can reach Belgrade from London

More info about Serbia:

Serbia is a country located in southeastern Europe. Its capital, Belgrade, has been a historically important city for centuries, and the country as a whole has played a large part in the development of civilization. It is well-known for its stunning scenery, forests and wildlife. The mountainous landscape to the south (think Kopaonik) is perfect for skiing and ski touring, while natural waterfalls in the western part of the country around Tara National Park and Zaovine Lake boast unforgettable hikes and meandering kayak trips. It borders many other countries, so adding an extra element to an international adventure is just a Eurail Pass away

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