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Bordering the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is a country in East Africa. It is well-known as the home of Mt. Kilimanjaro, one of the Seven Summits and popular tourist destination for world travelers. Its wildlife is also diverse and popular, featuring lions, giraffes, chimpanzees, and an assortment of native African species popular across the globe. Nearly 38 percent of its area is reserved for conservation areas. The east African culture found from its interior all the way to Zanzibar, an island off the coast, is fascinating, adding an extra layer of wonder to any adventures to this spectacular country.




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What’s the weather like?

The rainy season extends from roughly October through April or May, with a respite for some regions in January and February. The temperature is hot, though the highlands can see temperatures dip down to around 10 degrees (Celsius).


Swahili; English


Tanzanian shilling

How to get there?

Tanzania has some major cities that make it relatively easy to start off on an adventure. Dar es Salaam is its largest city, along the east coast. Arushna is close to Kilimanjaro and contributes to many expeditions to this iconic mountain. Dodoma, the country capital, is centrally located and a good starting-off point for other interior excursions. Visas may be necessary both to enter and participate in certain programs, so check your country’s requirements for entering Tanzania.

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Best time to visit

To avoid the rainy season, it is best to visit during the late spring and summer, though travelers can expect high temperatures. This will also fall during peak season, so bookending a trip around June, July, and August and avoiding summer traffic can give you a reliably enjoyable spring or fall trip.






What People are Saying

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Nous sommes parti faire l\'ascension du Kilimandjaro du 30 aout au 5 septembre 2017 avec le support d\'Explore-Share qui nous a déjà accompagné il y a 2 ans pour l\'ascension à ski de l\'Elbrouz. Cette aventure sur le plan physique, sur la découverte de nouveaux paysages montagneux totalement différents des Alpes, des montagnes Européennes auxquels nous sommes un peu habitués (je précise que nous sommes 2 amis de longues dates, Alain : guide de haute montagne et moniteur de ski, et moi Sébastien : pilote de ligne et moniteur de ski), fut fabuleuse, et exceptionnelle sur le plan humain. Nous étions accompagnés par toute une équipe de guides, cuisinier, et porteurs tout au long de ces 7 jours; et ces personnes furent le mets exquis de ce voyage, toujours souriants, encourageants, tellement gentils dans le plus noble et beau sens du terme. Je tiens à remercier tout particulièrement l\'ensemble des porteurs, le guide Elly qui a mené cette belle ascension, l\'agence Congema, et son responsable Constantine qui a géré l\'administratif, et bien sûr Explore-Share avec Gauthier Poncelet qui nous a permis une nouvelle fois de vivre une semaine, et un voyage merveilleux gravés dans nos mémoires.
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Sebastien Perrin
My husband and I and five other friends just did the Mt Kili climb in August and it was an amazing experience, more so with the team from Congema. The whole team of 3 guides and 24 porters worked together to make our 7 days an unforgettable experience. From Victor the lead guide, assistant guides Izack and Joseph, the chef Kassim and his assistant Moondy, Ronald who\'s in charge of our toilet, cheerful Adam the singer and always the first one to greet us just before reaching camp, to the rest, all of them carried our their responsibilities and duties to ensure that we were safe and properly taken care of. Every day as we trek to the next camp, they are there to encouraged us and enquire how we are doing. Summit day was extra challenging, not just the steep 5km to the peak but we faced an extremely strong and bitter cold wind throughout! We would not have make it to the summit if not for their encouragement, esp with Victor\'s advice \"if you feel cold, it\'ll only be for six hrs till sun rise, then it won\'t be cold any more\" and the perpetual \'pole pole\'! They did not give up on us or even once asked us to turn back! I would strongly recommend Congema to anyone who intends to climb Mt Kili, they are an excellent team and very professional!
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Janice B
CONGEMA has a wonderfull team with great talent, knowledge, highly experienced staff, helpfull, reassuring (which pretty good when you are going to live this kind of moment)... They won\'t stop to motivate you, and give you clear status of the situation. They are well trained, and adapt perfectly to the group. Climbing the Kilimanjaro was by far one of the most profound, intense, rewarding, hard, extraordinary JOURNEY of my life and CONGEMA will surely be one of the best tour you can climb with.
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Me and my friends had a wonderfull experience doing with Congema the Kilimandjaro summit and some safari days. All of the staff guys were very profesional, friendly and nice people. Special mentions for Alain (he was always very reactive and precise when I asked a lot of information during the preparation of the trip), Paul and Josef (our guides for the summit for their advices and permanent support and help), Kassim and Benson (the cook and his assistant for their delicious food), the 12 porters (for their good mood and friendly behaviour), George and Roman (our drivers during the safari days). Congratulation to Constantin (The Boss) to have a such nice Staff !
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Houssain E



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