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The canton of Bern is home to the Bernese Alps, a mountain range located in western Switzerland, which also spreads into the neighbouring cantons of Valais, Vaud and Fribourg. The highest peak of the range is Finsteraarhorn that rises to 4,274 meters. And access to the stunning scenery is made simple by excellent transportation from city to mountain.



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Country code



Swiss franc


German and French

Best time to visit

Visit between May and October for ideal via ferrata conditions

What's the weather like?

The canton of Bern receives a humid continental climate, featuring warm summers and very cold winters

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The canton of Bern rests at the core of Switzerland, being both the second-largest canton and second-largest by population. It borders the Swiss cantons of Jura and Solothurn to the north, Neuchatel, Fribourg and Vaud to the west, Valais to the south, and Uri, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Lucerne and Aargau to the east. The bilingual canton has a population of 1 million, with the capital being Bern, home to a historic town protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site



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