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Water Sports in England: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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FAQs: Water Sports in England

What should I know about Water Sports England?

England is part of the United Kingdom, sharing the island of Great Britain with Wales and Scotland. While its most recognized city and region is London, the country as a whole is quite bucolic and possesses a striking natural beauty and unique countryside. The northern region of England is green and hilly, with the Pennines as the major (and oldest) mountain range boasting intriguing rock and valley composition. The southern shores also have the iconic white cliffs of Dover, representing another fascinating geological masterpiece. Trips are available throughout the country, and many canyoning trips will take you to waterfalls, ravines, and canyons that are symbolic of their region. The eclectic scenery in each location usually includes one common theme: stunning green pastures and a calming isolation.

Why should I choose England for my Water Sports adventure?

English Country!

While it may not have tall mountains like the Alps or Andes, England has a compelling landscape full of green hills, gorgeous meadows, and of course, intricate geology. Canyoning in the depths of the English countryside will certainly give you the best it has to offer, particularly in the northern region. The national parks often contain or are located by large lakes and lush valleys, like the Lake District National Park and its prized lake, Windermere.

Out of the Way Adventure!

The crowds may all be heading for the hills, but you will still have your enchanting canyon expedition in peace. Most of the gorges can be found in the isolated regions near the Scottish border, and though they are fairly easy to access, the outcroppings and ravines are just far enough away for a real outdoor experience.

Plenty of Options!

From the limestone walls of How Stean Gorge in Yorkshire Dales to Esk Ghyll in the Lake District, you can expect a new stunning vista from the watery paths in every corner of the country. Each location has its own specific beauty, so taking the time to travel to a few different locations might just be your best bet in finding the most exciting canyon in all of England.

What can I expect from the weather in England?

The temperate climate is rarely extreme, with cold temperatures during winter and warm temperatures in the summer. It tends to rain evenly from season to season.

Which language is predominantly spoken in England?


What currency is accepted in England?

Pound sterling (GBP)

Hot to Get There

Flying into London is the fastest way to England. There are direct flights to many major cities, from New York, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, and as far away as Buenos Aires and Cape Town. Trains within the country connect all areas, including Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, York, and Edinburgh (Scotland). International trains also connect London to Paris and beyond, including Barcelona, Rome, Munich, and others.

What’s the country code of England?


What’s the high season for Water Sports in England?

The best time to visit England is during the summer months, when the weather is most accommodating. While June, July, and August may be the most comfortable, late spring and early autumn trips may just be as satisfying.

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