6 Adventurous Things to Do in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains

Ana RosbergSeptember 27, 2019

Snake charmers, spices, mosques, and outdoor markets make Morocco an enchanting destination. However, there is more to this enticing African country than meets the eye. While steaming in a hammam and puffing on a shisha pipe is part of the Moroccan adventure, you should not overlook the thrills of putting your heart to action in the stunning Atlas Mountains, which span over 2,500 km through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia and are the ideal location for an unforgettable adventure trip.

The Anti-Atlas, High Atlas, Middle Atlas and part of the Tell Atlas are all stunning ranges that make up the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The rocky orange-red Anti-Atlas range towards the south of Morocco is famous for its Neolithic cave paintings, scattered kasbahs, and popular for rock climbing too. Towards the center of the country, the High Atlas, as the name implies, is the highest range and home to several Berber villages as well as to the Jbel Toubkal, which at 4,167 m, is the tallest peak in all of the Atlas Mountains. Further up north, the Middle Atlas is famous for its limestone, cedars, and wildlife, including the endangered Barbary ape. Finally, the Tell Atlas runs parallel to the Mediterranean coast from Morocco to Tunisia and offers stunning sights. Whichever of these ranges you choose to explore will give you a unique taste of Morocco that you will never forget.



What are the best spots and top outdoor activities to practice in the Atlas Mountains? At Explore-Share.com, we’ve put together our pick to help point you in the right direction.  Discover the Moroccan appeal from up high on one of our suggested trips in the Atlas Mountains and experience this stunning country from some of its top spots!

1. Hiking to the Summit of Mount Toubkal


Atlas Mountains
Photo courtesy of James Kniffen.

At 4,167 m, Mount Toubkal is a stunning peak, the highest of all the Atlas Mountains and also the tallest mountain in North Africa. Climbing to the top of Toubkal is a thrilling experience that will reward you with views of Morocco from its very top. Marrakech is just 63km south of this breathtaking peak, which makes it easy to get to. Hiking excursions usually start from the town of Imlil, and the average duration of a trip to the summit is 3-5 days. The Toubkal Refuge, at an altitude of 3200m, offers dorms and bathroom facilities.

Don’t miss our guide with everything you need to know to climb Toubkal and start planning your hiking adventure to Morocco’s highest mountain with a certified mountain guide!

2. Running Trails That Will Take Your Breath Away


Atlas Mountains
Photograph courtesy of Lucas Humbert

Trail running is becoming increasingly popular in Morocco and for good reason. With its stunning sceneries and sun-kissed mountains, it is no wonder that the Morocco Race, Nomads Run, and Marathon des Sables, which take place in the Atlas Mountains, have become such an attraction for sports enthusiasts.

Keep reading: Top 3 Places for Trail Running in Morocco

But you don’t need to participate in a race to experience the thrill of trail running in Morocco. All you need is a local guide that can show you in the right direction, especially because, the beautiful trails in the Atlas Mountains are not marked. Toubkal is a classic for all types of mountain adventures, including trail running, however not the only interesting spot to discover on a half-day or extended 2-3 day trip.

Would you like to try this sport in the Atlas Mountains? Check out our selection of amazing trail running trips in Morocco!

3. Ice-Climbing, the Coolest Option


Atlas Mountains
Photo courtesy of James Kniffen

If running under the Morrocan sun is not your cup of tea, then steep some mint and try a refreshing winter ice climbing adventure in the High Atlas range instead! Due to their altitude, the High Atlas mountains feature some stunning frozen walls surrounding the Toubkal Hut. With ice pitches up to 600 meters high, the Atlas Mountains are ideal for beginner-intermediate climbers with some prior experience who want to discover off the beaten path ice-climbing locations.

Ready for an ice-climbing adventure in Morocco? Then book your place on this thrilling 5-day program in the High Atlas Mountains!

4. Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing


Atlas Mountains
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Jones


The Atlas Mountains are also a great spot for multi-pitch rock climbing. Some top spots to practice this sport are Todgha, in the east High Atlas range, which has over 250 multi-pitch routes; the limestone walls of stunning Taghia, also in the High Atlas; and Tafraoute, which is a more remote climbing location in the Anti-Atlas range. Whichever your climbing spot of preference may be, going with a certified guide will ensure you have an overall thrilling experience in the mountains of Morocco!

Book your place with one of the guides at Explore-Share.com and try an unforgettable multi-pitch rock climbing adventure in the Atlas Mountains!

5. Skiing in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains


Photo courtesy of Kristoffer Erickson.

Perhaps you wouldn’t have expected backcountry skiing to make it on the list of top outdoor adventures to enjoy in the Atlas Mountains, but in fact, the High Atlas mountains have a pretty extended and popular ski season.

The great thing about skiing in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains is that you’ll find plenty of remote, untouched slopes. Such is the case of M’Goun, which at 4068 m is a great and lesser-known option to practice this sport. Of course, you also have more classic spots such as Toubkal as well. Whichever your choice, don’t miss the chance to discover the snowy side of Morocco on a thrilling winter sports adventure program!

Find the perfect certified guide for your backcountry skiing adventure in the Atlas Mountains and start planning an unforgettable trip!

6.Trekking & Visting a Berber Village

Atlas Mountains
Photo courtesy of Marc Gallagher

Morocco has a deep-rooted history and rich culture. The Berber indigenous community has over 4,000 years of history and is truly awe-inspiring. One of the most interesting outdoor adventure options to enjoy in the Atlas Mountains is a trekking tour to a Berber village that will allow you to experience both the stunning Moroccan landscapes and culture. Options include multi-day trips through the mountains, combining a Mount Toubkal ascent with a trek to a Berber village and more! Don’t miss the chance to discover the beautiful geography and people of Morocco with one of the certified guides at Explore-Share.com!

Book your place on a 2-day guided trek and cultural discovery of a Berber Village and start planning your adventure!


When is the Best Time to Travel to Morocco?


Photo courtesy of Marc Gallagher.

You can find many exhilarating things to do in Morocco year-round, however, you should consider that many activities are climate dependent.

The best time to travel to Morocco, therefore, will depend on what you want to do. Summer months are very hot and temperatures can go as high as 40°C. Consequently, they are not the best for intense sports such as trail running or rock climbing. The best months for these sports is during autumn, between September and December and spring, between April and June. Of course, if your objective is to go ice-climbing or backcountry skiing, then winter, between the months of December and March, is your best bet.


An outdoor trip in the Atlas Mountains will give you a unique perspective of Morocco. Check all the guided adventures available in Morocco and don’t miss the chance to explore the stunning peaks of this breathtaking country on an unforgettable adventure, you will surely love them!

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