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A Family Holiday to Remember: Overnight Trek in the French Alps

Marina ParraAugust 15, 2019

A trip to the mountains is always a good idea, especially for a family-friendly holiday.

Kids can learn a lot of new things and feel like true explorers, overcoming small but exciting challenges in a natural environment. For adults, enjoying the outdoors while spending some quality time with their children sounds just like the perfect plan. 

However, there are a few things to consider when organizing this kind of activity: there’s logistics, safety, food, finding a suitable location…Booking a guided tour with a local mountain guide can save you a lot of time, and turn your family mountain excursion into an incredible experience for all. 

This summer, a family of 5 (Louis, his wife and their three kids aged 2.5, 5.5 and 7.5 years old) joined mountain leader Aurelie Crouvisier on a 2-day family hike in the Sainte Foy Tarentaise, an idyllic location in the heart of the French Alps:

“We spent two incredible days hiking with our family guided by Aurélie. Aurélie not only guided us through breathtaking views but also showed particular skills to motivate and animate our children”.


Haute Tarentaise, family holiday
Photo courtesy of Louis-Hubert Pacco.
Haute Tarentaise, family holiday
Photo courtesy of Louis-Hubert Pacco.

The Haute Tarentaise valley is located in the Savoie region, bordering the Italian Aosta Valley. In the winter, the valley is a world-famous ski area, boasting some of the best ski resorts in the Alps. During the summer months, however, it turns into a vast wilderness playground of green pastures and meandering rivers.  

The trip proposed by Aurélie consisted of a trekking experience off-the-beaten-tracks, learning about alpine life and spending the night on a mountain hut. The surroundings of the mountain village of Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise offer exciting places to explore, from hidden lakes and alpine hamlets to military remainings and all sorts of local flora and fauna.

“The first day we went up to the Ruitor hut crossing the pastures. The children were able to see the ranch and marmots, which still amuses them”, tells Louis.

For the family, spending the night at a mountain hut was definitely one of the highlights of their trip: The night at the mountain hut was great, we were very well received, also with the children. It is a true mountain refuge, with the rudimentary comfort we know them, the children found it very amusing and had many questions, in particular about the role of the mountain hut in winter”.


Haute Tarentaise, family holiday
Photo courtesy of Louis-Hubert Pacco.
Haute Tarentaise, family holiday
Breakfast at Ruitor mountain hut. Photo courtesy of Louis-Hubert Pacco.

One of the advantages of going on a private tour with a guide is that the itinerary can be adapted to the group’s skill level and wishes. In this case, the trip was perfect for children, even the youngest one: We did everything all together, also with Alice, whom I wore on my back”.

But above all, it’s the special charisma of the guide, his/her ability to tell exciting stories and keep everyone motivated along the way, what can transform an ordinary trek into a rewarding family experience full of lifetime memories:

“Aurélie was top with the 3 children and was more than attentive. She had planned some specific points of discovery and some tools to explain the mountain. She allowed us to keep them entertained and interested all the way to the boardwalk, and follow a path that we could not have taken alone with the three children. It was a real added value to have her, and we recommend it to all those who want to try the family experience”, says Louis.


Haute Tarentaise, family holiday
Learning a bit about the mountains. Photo courtesy of Louis-Hubert Pacco.
Haute Tarentaise, family holiday
Photo courtesy of Louis-Hubert Pacco.


Haute Tarentaise, family holiday
Photo courtesy of Louis-Hubert Pacco.

At Explore-Share we believe that outdoor adventures enrich our lives, and we love helping you discover the world. We also think that mountain guides can add tremendous value to your adventures: they can help you discover amazing locations you wouldn’t be able to reach by yourself, tell interesting stories so you can learn about the history, culture, and nature of a place; and make you feel safe every step of the way.

Planning your next family holiday? Make sure to check all the hiking options available worldwide and pick the best adventure for you and your kids!


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