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Emma KellyJuly 03, 2019

Did you know that Romania is brimming with spectacular nature spots, fascinating past and great food? It actually offers all this and more. That makes Romania an awesome place for your next outdoor adventure trip. 

Located in southeastern Europe, Romania is a country with a long and rich history and many sights of natural beauty. The 1,500km long, Carpathian Mountain range weaves throughout the country, dominating the landscape with its many sub-ranges. They provide a stunning arena for hiking trips, mountain biking, rock climbing and more.  

Boasting an impressive 37 UNESCO world heritage sites across the country, there is pretty much something cool and interesting to see around every corner. It’s also home to many fascinating cultural sights like Dracula’s castle and lots of fortified Transylvanian churches. 

With so much to choose from you might need some help on where to start. So, we’ve gathered together some of the best adventures on offer in Romania so you can start trip planning right away. 


1. Uncover the beauty of the Baiului Mountains 


A trip to Prahova Valley in the Baiului Mountains is a must-do when in Romania. This range is located in central Romania close to the town of Sinaia. They seem to roll on forever and are a particularly pretty section of the Carpathians. 


Hiking in Romania
Enjoy the stunning mountainous snowscapes in the winter. Photo courtesy of Ioan Stoenica.

The best way to explore them is on foot in a day hike, where you’ll be able to climb the largest peak which sits at 1895 meters. From the top, you can actually walk along the ridge and you’ll be able to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. 

You can choose from any month of the year to hike here as each season brings its own unique difference to the hike.

In brief:

  • Duration: This can easily be a day trip, however, it could also be a multi-day trip.
  • Best time to go there: The winter views are particularly captivating.
  • Starting point: Sinaia. 

Don’t miss your chance to explore the Baiului Mountains on a hiking trip to remember

2. Hit the mountain bike trails of the Apuseni Mountains


With its varied routes and postcard-worthy scenery, the Apuseni Mountains are the perfect place for some mountain biking. Situated close to the town of Huedin, this sub-range of the Carpathians is an awesome place for adventure lovers. 


Mountain biking in Romania.
Head out of the city and go off-roading in the Apuseni. Photo courtesy of Mihnea Prundeanu.

In the Apusenis you’ll find both easy and intermediate bike routes and you can spend one day or many more exploring the beautiful mountainous terrain. Besides the awesome scenery, you won’t find big crowds here so you’ll also get to enjoy a secluded feel. 

In brief:

  • Duration: One day or more
  • Best time to go there: June through to October 
  • Starting pointHuedin

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3. Experience the awesome climbing walls of the Carpathians


What better place to learn how to rock climb or enhance your rock climbing skills than the mighty Carpathian Mountains? Not only is it a secluded and beautiful mountain setting with caves, gorges, and interesting rock, it also offers climbing opportunities for all levels. 


Rock climbing in Romania
Enhance your rock climbing skills on a workshop in the Carpathians. Photo courtesy of Cosmin Andron.

Choose from single pitch climbs, multi-pitch climbs, and self-rescue from vertical terrain. Make the most of small groups to really work on your rock climbing and get tips from a pro. 

In brief:

  • Duration: 3 days 
  • Best time to go there: May through September 
  • Starting point: Turzii Gorge

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4. Explore the stunning natural beauty of the Ciucas Mountains


The Ciucas mountains are a sight to behold. Not only do they offer spectacular scenery in the form of dramatic rock formations, but in the warmer months, there are also stunning fields of vibrant Rhododendron flowers growing on the mountain. As you ascend the peaks you can enjoy all this and the views of a number of mountain ranges nearby. 


Hiking in Romania.
See the Carpathians in bloom as you hike. Photo courtesy of Ioan Stoenica.

When you opt for a two-day trek you also get to stay overnight in a mountain hut and wake up to that fresh mountain air. Choose from a trip in the winter where you get to hike through immaculate fields of snow or go for the warmer months where you can see the landscape in bloom. 

In brief:

  • Duration: 2 days 
  • Best time to go there: May through July
  • Starting point: Cheia village

Don’t miss your chance to spend two days hiking through secluded Romanian mountains

5. Ski tour the snow-covered slopes of the Făgăraș Mountains 


You’ll find Romania’s best skiing in the Făgăraș Mountains section of the Carpathians. The slopes here are growing in popularity and you’ll be able to enjoy some pretty good snow coverage and a good length season. From beginners to the more advanced, there are ski areas for all levels.


Skiing in Romania.
Enjoy pristine snow and long downhill runs. Photo courtesy of Cosmin Andron.

An awesome way to explore the Făgăraș is a multi-day ski tour. You’ll get to enjoy uninterrupted runs and really work on your technique over five full days on the slopes. You’ll also learn lots of tips about mountain safety that will serve you well wherever you chose to ski next. 

Plus, if you have a bit of extra time while you’re there, you can explore typical Romanian mountain villages and the local area. 

In brief:

  • Duration: Five days 
  • Best time to go there: November through April 
  • Starting point: Sibiu

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Now that you have five excellent activity ideas for your trip to Romania it’s time to start booking. There are also so many more excellent trips here to get you excited. Romania and its beautiful mountains are waiting for you!

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