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Hiking in Pirin National Park

Hike inside one of the 10 most beautiful but not yet popular European national parks.

Located between 1008 and 2914 meters high, in the southwest of Bulgaria, this  world heritage site is a unique location for all hiking enthusiasts: diverse limestone landscapes, 70 glacial lakes, waterfalls, caves and coniferous forests. Perfect scenery to spend one or several days on a guided adventure outdoors.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Pirin National Park

Located in ancient Macedonia, in the Pirin National Park we can follow the traces of the past, where many other cultures left their influence, such as the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Thracians, Slavs or the Bulgarians themselves.


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Bes time to visit

During the hottest months, between May and September


Bulgaria has a continental climate, with very strong winters and temperatures that remain below zero for long weeks. The mountainous area where the Pirin National Park is located, is more humid, although with little rain during the year

More info about Hiking in Pirin National Park:

Its location and the altitude of its mountains make it a place where snow is present all year round, but in the lower sectors you will enjoy good hiking trails among forests and lakes

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