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Hiking in Dalmatia: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Come to the captivating coast of Croatia and explore its canyons, hills, and caves while on a hiking trip in Dalmatia!

Nestled in one of the most alluring Mediterranean locations, Dalmatia comprises an area of Croatian coast and islands around Split, north past Zadar and south past Dubrovnik. With captivating beaches, sweeping valley views, and a fascinating geology, it is the perfect place to get lost on a trek. Head to the north and journey through Paklenica National Park and its caves and canyons for a rewarding and compelling Dalmatia adventure! Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on Explore-Share.com: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Hiking trips in Dalmatia. The mountains are calling!

Top hiking trips | Dalmatia

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FAQs: Hiking in Dalmatia

What should I know about Hiking Dalmatia?

The historic area of Dalmatia has been an important part of Croatia and European kingdoms for centuries. This region currently includes parts of Montenegro, as well, at the Bay of Kotor.

The landscape is notoriously rugged, covered by the Dinaric Alps and its infamous karst limestone. This makes for great hiking trips that follow carved-out canyons, reasonable mountain climbs, and sweeping views both inland and to the coast.

Some of the hikes can include scrambling. Combining this moderate form of rock climbing, among other activities like cave exploration and beach touring, is a popular way of incorporating a trek into a greater Croatian expedition.

Why should I choose Dalmatia for my Hiking adventure?

Adriatic Paradise!

Stretching along the Adriatic Sea, Dalmatia really does have the best of both worlds. With world-class beaches and notoriously exciting coastal cities, it also possesses some of - if not the MOST - compelling geography and geology in all of Croatia. Look out across the Mediterranean before heading into Paklenica to climb nearly 2,000 meters into the sky. You can pretty much do it all here.

Network of Hikes!

Peklenica National Park has over 150 kilometers of hiking trails, chock-full of captivating ecosystems and mind-boggling vistas. And that's just in the park. Head along the coast and take a tour of the historic cities that have a firm grasp on their cultural heritage. It is sure to leave a lasting impression on the way you view this beautiful Croatian region.


With so much wonder to wander through, it should come as no surprise that you can double-down on your adventure by adding another activity to it. You want to feel the karst limestone in your hands? Rise to the challenge of a day-long rock climbing trip. You want to dip your toes in the Mediterranean after a long week of hiking? Grab a kayak and paddle through the Adriatic. The canyons, caves, valleys, and forests are no match for your ingenuity, and there are plenty of ways to creatively branch out from a hearty hiking extravaganza.

What can I expect from the weather during my Hiking trip in Dalmatia?

Hot and sunny summers are a staple of the Mediterranean climate, with cooler winters, especially on the coast. Higher altitudes have colder temperatures and compromising weather.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Dalmatia region?


What currency is accepted around Dalmatia?

Kuna (HRK)

How to Get There

Traveling straight to Split or Dubrovnik are great coastal points of entry, as is Zadar for Paklenica National Park. International flights to Zagreb can transfer to the smaller regional airports of Dalmatia. Buses, ferries, and boats are also options for international and domestic travel.

What's the country code for the Dalmatia region?


When is the best time to travel to Dalmatia for Hiking?

As soon as spring temperatures begin to warm, you can enjoy a hiking trip in Dalmatia all the way through autumn. Summer is the most popular, but also has the hottest temperatures.

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Hicimos un viaje de senderismo de tres días en Paklenica / Velebit mountains: nos encantaron las montañas, las vistas y la gente amable. Danileja y Ferdo fueron guías maravillosos y capaces que conocen muy bien las montañas y nos sentimos muy seguros con ellos. Tuvimos una pequeña cabaña en las montañas durante dos noches y disfrutamos de la paz y la naturaleza al máximo. Se ocuparon de todo lo que necesitábamos y hicieron que nuestros días fueran muy especiales.



Конечно погулять по тропам Национального парка и не получить удовольствие ну просто не возможно. Эти красоты и ощущения уединения плюс соединение с природой Вас поразят.

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