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Hiking in Pastoruri Glacier: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Discover the natural beauty and diverse terrains en route to one of the last tropical glaciers in South America!

Sitting on the southern end of the Cordillera Blanca, the Pastoruri Glacier is an excellent destination for any hiking excursion. The heavily crevassed glacier is usually covered in soft snow and crossing it makes for a scenic and unique Peruvian mountain experience! Compare and book a certified guide for your trip on Explore-Share.com: 1500+ guides, 70+ countries and more than 8000 different programs to choose from. Take a pick from our selection of Hiking trips to Pastoruri Glacier. The mountains are calling!

Top hiking trips | Pastoruri Glacier

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FAQs: Hiking in Pastoruri Glacier

What should I know about Hiking Pastoruri Glacier?

Sprawling over 8 square kilometers (3.1 square miles) and stretching for 4 kilometers (2.5) from one end to the other, Pastoruri Glacier is one of the few glaciers left in the tropics of South America.

Technically, Pastoruri Glacier is not a glacier by definition because it does not gain any mass during the rainy season and is disappearing quickly. Some scientists believe that it will all be gone in a few decades, which means it should shoot up to the top of any hiker’s to-do list in Peru.

From the trailhead to the glacier, which sits at about 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) in elevation, the hike is about 40 minutes, making it perfect for a day trip. The hiking is not very technically challenging, but made more difficult by the altitude.

Why should I choose Pastoruri Glacier for my Hiking adventure?

Stunning scenery

Peru’s Pastoruri Glacier sits in a stunning part of the Cordillera Blanca and Huascaran National Park. The glacier rises from a small mountain lake and is surrounded by several snow-capped peaks. Making the ascent up to the base – and even onto – the glacier is a great way to enjoy this unique and beautiful scenery.

Explore Huascaran National Park

Pastoruri Glacier sits at the very bottom of Huascaran National Park and in close proximity to numerous other incredible hiking opportunities. Hiking to the glacier itself only takes one day, but you should really plan to spend more time in this incredible part of the country. Heading around nearby Nevado Tusco and Challhua is a great way to extend the trip by a few days.

Try snowboarding and ice climbing

Due to the soft snow that covers the top of Pastoruri Glacier, snowboarding and ice climbing are popular side activities. Many guides will offer the option to try one or more out when you reach the glacier. It is a great way to see a bit more of it while trying something new. (How many people have snowboarded in a glacier in the tropics?)

What can I expect from the weather during my Hiking trip in Pastoruri Glacier?

During the hiking season, average daily temperatures in the national park near the glacier range between 11 ºC and 17 ºC (52 ºF to 63 ºF). Rain during the hiking season is very uncommon.

How can I get to Pastoruri Glacier?

Any trip to Pastoruri Glacier begins with a flight into Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM), in Lima. From here, Huaraz can be reached in 8 hours by bus. From Huaraz, the glacier is another 1.5 hours by direct transport.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Pastoruri Glacier region?

Spanish, Aymara, Quechua and various other indigenous languages.

What's the country code for the Pastoruri Glacier region?


What currency is accepted around Pastoruri Glacier?

Sol (PEN)

Best time to hike

April to October

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