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Hiking in the Slovenian Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Discover dense alpine forest, piercing peaks and glacial valleys

Pure natural beauty stands in the north of Slovenia. The Kamnik-Savinja Alps offer a treasure of crystal clear waters, forceful waterfalls and picturesque panoramic views. And the mountainside is scattered with lush pastures, local beautiful architecture and tasty food. Visit between May and September for prime hiking conditions.

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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Slovenia

With a dense network of trails winding their way through the mountains, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps are packed full of stunning terrain waiting for you to discover, making it an incredible place to hike. And with such variety, trekking and hiking here is widely accessible for all levels of abilities, so long as you have a good level of fitness.


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Best time to visit

Visit between May and September for prime hiking conditions

What's the weather like?

The region has a temperate climate with cold winters and warm summers. Temperatures range from -2 in January to a peak of 21 in July, with a liberal falling of snow in the winter

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Located in the south of Central Europe, Slovenia is at the meeting point of many of the main European cultural and trade routes. The mostly mountainous country, with the Julian Alps to the north, and over half its surface blanketed in forest, also has an elaborate cave system, with over 10,000 across the country. The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are a limestone mountain range in the north of the country

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