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Hiking in Kranjska Gora: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Alpine charm in the Julian Alps

Kranjska Gora is an alpine village in northwest Slovenia, close to the Italian and Austrian borders. With an easy-access to both the Julian Alps and the Karavanke Mountains, it’s a great place to stay if you want to enjoy Slovenian’s alpine scenery, and it’s only 1-hour away from Ljubljana, the capital city. Turquoise rivers, meadows, snowy peaks, waterfalls and pristine lakes will be part of the journey, as you walk on beautiful mountain trails. Hiking trips are ideal for those who want to be in contact with nature and also for family trips. Check out all our hiking itineraries and join a local mountain guide!  Explore-Share only promotes trips led by certified guides.

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FAQs: Hiking in Slovenia

What should I know about Hiking Slovenia?

Due to its proximity to the famous mountains and glacial lakes of the Triglav National Park, Kranjska Gora is one of the most touristic spots in Slovenia, especially for hiking in summer and snow sports in winter.

Near Kranjska Gora, you can also visit the Planica Valley, with numerous signposted routes for hiking tours of low difficulty that take no more than an hour. The trail will lead you to the Tamar Valley, in Triglav, where there is a cozy accommodation waiting for athletes and adventurers.

Why should I choose Slovenia for my Hiking adventure?

Ideal location

Its strategic location on the border of Slovenia, Italy and Austria, makes it a place always chosen by many European neighbors. As it is located at the foot of a ski resort, during the winter it also becomes the meeting point for skiers and snowboarders. When the snow disappears, it's time for mountaineers, hikers and cyclists who come to enjoy cycling routes or practice water sports such as rafting.

Accommodation and free time options

Here you will find from very comfortable hotels located in front of the ski slopes to private apartments. When the afternoon falls, the inhabitants and tourists meet in some of its pubs and the atmosphere is incredible, sometimes you can enjoy live concerts and have a great time. You can also spend a night at the Casino, go to a musical show or relax in one of the wellness centers.

A well-stocked town

In the village there are shops, supermarkets, post offices, banks and many souvenir shops offering typical products of Slovenia, such as Tolmin cheese or the famous Slovenian oil. Its inhabitants are very friendly and almost all speak English as a second language. After a long hiking day, do not forget to take a Pivo (beer) at a very good price.

What can I expect from the weather during my Hiking trip in Slovenia?

In Kranjska Gora, summers are humid, winters are icy and snowy and it is partly cloudy all year round. The temperature generally varies from -10 °C to 20 °C.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Slovenia region?

Slovenian, Hungarian, Italian and English

What currency is accepted around Slovenia?


How can I get to Slovenia?

It is accesible by car or bus from Italy, Austria or Slovenia. There are railway stations nearby, and the Ljubljana airport is less than one hour drive away.

What's the country code for the Slovenia region?


When is the best time to travel to Slovenia for Hiking?

The best time of year to visit Kranjska Gora for hiking activities is from the beginning of July to mid August

What people are saying about Hiking | Kranjska Gora



Dean was prompt and super knowledgeable about the area we were going to. He guided us safely to Slemenova Spica to enjoy the Julian Alps. As two girls from the city, we don't have much hiking experience, and he was patient and super helpful. We enjoyed our trip so much and it has been the highlight of our Slovenia trip. Thanks once again, Dean, for taking us on this experience!



Our guide was Mitja Drinavec (not Matevz Vukotic), he was very nice and responsible during the entire trip. Thank you for the great experience.



Dean is an excellent guide. He's friendly and conscientious and throughout or trip was focused on getting us to achieve our hiking goals while being aware of our abilities and experience. We chose a relatively tough hike (8hrs, 1,700m elevation gain) but Dean made sure we completed it safely and at a good pace. He also took photos throughout so we could concentrate on the hiking and shared them with us later. He was also good company on the hike. I would thoroughly recommend his services.



Stunning hike up Debela Pec with our guide Timotei from Altitude Activities. Everything was exactly as we hoped - super kind and friendly guide, beautiful scenery, fun hiking in the snow and a great traditional Slovenian lunch at the hut on the way down. Great experience!



We have been in contact with Mitja Sorn since before the Covid pandemic, so over 3 years now. Mitja has always been very responsive and clear. He was professional and answered all of our questions. Unfortunately, Mitja was not our guide for the hike to the summit. A week prior to our hike, we were contacted by Igor who informed us that he would be leading our group on the actual summit attempt. Similar to Mitja, Igor promptly replied to any emails we sent, and showed genuine concerned when he thought our starting point for the hike up to Kredarica was too long of a hike. When we met Igor at the hut the evening before the climb, he was very helpful with looking over our itinerary for the rest of our time in Triglav National Park and suggesting alternative routes. However, when rain delayed the start of our the summit attempt by about 3 hours, we saw a different side of Igor. During our climb up to the summit and back down, Igor was on a mission to just get us to the top and back down. Enjoyment of the journey was not a priority. He barked orders at us. For example, when we repeated what he had said to my brother in the back who wasn't able to hear him, Igor scolded us, saying he's the guide and the only one to give directions. He ignored our needs and scoffed at any issues we had. For example, the rope had trapped my hand on the iron rod so I told him I had to remove the rope before I can keep moving, because that's what his refrain was the whole hike, "Keep moving!", Igor admonished me and said not to worry about the rope, that was his job. Same thing happened when my husband had the rope between his legs and asked for a moment to get it out from under him, Igor told him not to worry about the rope. No, these were matter of concern for us. If safety was Igor's first concern, like he said, his actions did not prove it. My sister-in-law asked for a minute's rest so she can have some water, Igor's answer was that "Water is not the answer to the problem." and he tried to rush us up. For most of the ascent, the clouds were thick all around us. For a brief moment, the skies opened up, and we were able to see the hut below us. My brother asked to stop for a brief second to take a picture, and Igor refused. My brother pointed to the summit, which was all in clouds and said this may be the only time that we have a view. It only took him about 30 seconds to snap some pictures, only pictures Igor allowed us to take on the way up and down because we forced him to stop. Igor's rushing and lack of respect for our concern took the pleasure out of the whole climb for us. We are a group of 5, so my oldest brother was in a different group with Mateo. My brother showed us pictures from his phone where his group had stopped for everyone to take pictures and enjoy themselves and different points on the way up and down. With Igor, we were deprived of this. Usually, the guides we have had on many different excursions all over the world are knowledgeable about their area and would provide us with interesting information about the area. We did not learn one single fact about Triglav during our time with Igor. When we returned to the hut, we finally learned why. Igor had to rush back down to the valley. We are not sure if it is a personal matter or if he was booked for another tour later that day. Whatever the reason was, for the amount of money we paid, 170 Euros a person, our experience was not worth the price. What we have learned from this trip is to make sure that our guide is not double booked on the day of the summit attempt because all they will be worried about is getting down to their next appointment.

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