trip duration TRIP DURATION
1+ day
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
8 people
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period OFFER PERIOD
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP
Not specified


Join this adventure through the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park. Explore one of the most beautiful regions of Europe.

Ranging all the way from Slovenia to Italy, the Julian Alps are a stunning mountain range, that form part of the Limestone Alps. And, their tallest peak is the Mount Triglav, standing at 2,864 meters of height.

The name of the Julian Alps has an curious history, as they received it from Julius Caesar. So the beauty of these mountains is as fascinating as its history.

The Triglav National Park covers most of the Julian Alps. The park is the largest protected wild area in Slovenia, under a special conservation regime. Also, this wonderful park receives its name from the tallest mountain in Slovenia, Mt. Triglav (2,864m), an emblematic peak of the country.

Charming beech, spruce and larch forest cover most of the park. But it’s also brimming with many other species. As for the terrain, it is as varied as stunning, with steep rock faces, sharp peaks and deep and dazzling glacial valleys.

There are over 400 slovenian peaks in this region, that rise at heights of over 2,000 meters. As Mt. Triglav is the highest peak, we’ll be able to see from all around the park. But, there are many other mountains that rise above the clouds, like Škrlatica (2,740m), Mangart (2,679m), Jalovec (2,645m) and Razor (2,601m).

There are several spots we can visit, from majestic peaks to charming valleys, as well as many cultural attractions. Thus, I left the itinerary of this trip open. So we can visit all the places you want, for as long as you wish.

If you want to join this adventure send me a request. I promise i will be a trip you won’t forget! Looking for a winter adventure? I also offer this 1-day snowshoeing tour in the Carnic Alps.

Price per person per day

1 Person90EUR
Group of 250EUR
Group of 345EUR
Group of 445EUR
Group of 545EUR
Group of 635EUR
Group of 735EUR
Group of 835EUR

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
The price depends on the amount of time and the difficulty of the tour (there are different levels ranging easy to difficult). Price per person for one day tour (easy tours): 1 person 90 €; 2 persons - 50 €; 3 - 5 persons - 45 €; 6 - 8 persons -35 €. Price per person for one day tour (difficult tours): 1 person -125 €; 2 persons- 70 €; 3 persons -65 €; 4 persons - 60 €; 5 persons - 55 €; 6 persons - 50 €; 7 persons - 45 €; 8 persons - 40 €. Price per person for one day tour (very difficult tours): 1 person - 180€; 2 persons 125 €; 3 persons - 90 €. The price does not include: Transport, half board for guide and clients.

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