Ice Climbing in Tromso

Conquer Norway's frosty wonderland packed with icy walls and falls

Tromso lies at the doorstep of the Artic in Northern Norway, surrounded by the peaks of the Lyngen Alps, deep fjords and islands. The city is the springboard for frosty adventures in Norway’s wildest and unspoiled areas. Ice climbing is a very popular activity in this area, and has exciting icefalls to climb in the day, while the Northern Lights igniate fascination in the evening. The best time for an ice climbing trip in Tromso is between November and March.

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There are many reasons for choosing Ice Climbing in Tromso

The north of Norway is one giant natural playground for climbing, with the landscape glazed in ice. It’s also where ice climbing is pushed to the limits. The wild beauty of the region peaks at the Lyngen Alps, a mountain range that shadows the shores of the Lyngen fjord. Scattered with breathtaking scenery lie world-class ice climbs that are spread across the whole northern regions of Norway.


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Best time to visit

Visit between December and April for ideal climbing conditions

What's the weather like?

The region holds a subarctic climate with a short summer and long wintry conditions. Yet it is warmer than other regions of a similar latitude because of the warmth of the Gulf Stream

More info about Ice Climbing in Tromso:

The Norwegian municipality of Tromso lies in the north of the Nordic country, located in the county of Troms. Tromso has a population of approximately 76,000, making it the largest urban area in Northern Norway. Its name derives from the main island of Tromsoya which is stands, given that the municipality stands on many small islands that are populated with high mountains


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