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Mountain Climbing in Cevennes National Park: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Cevennes National Park is a mountainous delight in the South of France, with beautiful, exciting and lovely landscape and terrain to mountain climb on.

Cevennes National Park in Southern France contains an intoxicating mix of Mediterranean and mountainous landscape, scenery and terrain, with plenty of climbing to be done in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mountain climbing here truly is a memorable and fascinating experience. Take a pick from our selection of mountain climbing trips in Cevennes National Park, here at Explore-Share!

Top mountain climbing trips | Cevennes National Park

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FAQs: Mountain Climbing in Cevennes National Park

What should I know about Mountain Climbing Cevennes National Park?

Some of the mountain climbing can be a bit tricky, so being in good physical shape will ensure a more enjoyable experience.

The weather in this part of France can turn quite easily, so make you you pack and wear appropriate clothing so as not to get caught out.

Why should I choose Cevennes National Park for my Mountain Climbing adventure?

Gorgeous Scenery

Cevennes National Park is a truly stunning and magnificent area of Southern France, with rocky heights, grasslands, forests and farms leading down to gorges, rivers and lakes, with the low-lying mountains looming large above it all. This creates landscapes of raw natural beauty that are sumptuous to look at when mountain climbing.

Plentiful Climbing

The mountains available to climb in Cevennes National Park, whilst not overly high, provide plenty of climbing for people of all levels of ability. Some of the mountains include Thaurac, St. Bauzile de Montmel, St. Jean de Bueges, Cazevielle, and the highest one in the park, Mont Lozore, which stands at 1,699m.

The Delights of Southern France

Cevennes National Park contains quintessential Southern France scenery, with its proximity to such famous cities and towns such as Montpellier, Toulose and Avignon adding to its appeal. Several farms and villages dot the landscape of the park, with the people who inhabit them living the laid-back rural French lifestyle that appeals to so many.

What can I expect from the weather during my Mountain Climbing trip in Cevennes National Park?

Pleasant Summers, with temperatures ranging from 17-21 degrees celsius.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Cevennes National Park region?


What currency is accepted around Cevennes National Park?


How can I get to Cevennes National Park?

Approximately a 3-hour drive from Montpellier.

What's the country code for the Cevennes National Park region?


When is the best time to travel to Cevennes National Park for Mountain Climbing?

June - October, when the weather is warmest and mountain climbing conditions are at their best.

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