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Mountain Climbing in Martinique: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Ascend the explosive volcanoes rising from the Caribbean

The volcanic island of Martinique rises from the Caribbean sea floor and features a collection of striking peaks, including the tallest and more infamous, Mount Pelée. Covered in forest and rainforest, they are home to excellent climbing. And with constant warm weather, you can visit any part of the year for pleasant climbing conditions.

Top mountain climbing trips | Martinique

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FAQs: Mountain Climbing in Martinique

What should I know about Mountain Climbing Martinique?

Located in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern section of the Caribbean Sea is the French overseas region of Martinique. It has a population of approximately 380,000 people, with the capital being Fort-de-France. Being volcanic in origin, the island features a number of mountains, with the highest, and most infamous, being Mount Pelée, which rises to 1,397 meters.

Why should I choose Martinique for my Mountain Climbing adventure?

Island of volcanoes

The island of Martinique owes its existence to volcanoes, with its origins in the fault line between the tectonic plates of South America and the Caribbean. The north is particularly mountainous, and features many volcanoes such as the Carbet Mountains and the infamous Mount Pelée, which has an explosive history. The area is also blanketed in rainforest.

Climb an infamous volcano

Rising to 1,397 meters above sea level, Mount Pelée is the highest volcano on Martinique. Featuring layers and layers of lava and ash, Mount Pelée has an active history. Minor eruptions have occurred in the last few centuries, but the one in 1902 wiped out the whole port town of Saint-Pierre, as well as 15 percent of the island population.

Rich array of wildlife

The northern section of the island receives the most rainfall and also holds the most forest, creating the ideal conditions for the flourishing of bamboo, rosewood and locust. While native to the island are Anole lizards that wander among the trees as well as the songbird Martinique trembler and the chattering white-breasted thrasher.

What can I expect from the weather during my Mountain Climbing trip in Martinique?

The region receives a tropical climate all-year round, with a cool and dry season between January and April and a hot and rainy season from June to November.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Martinique region?

French and Antillean Creole.

What currency is accepted around Martinique?


What's the country code for the Martinique region?


When is the best time to travel to Martinique for Mountain Climbing?

Visit any part of the year for pleasant mountain climbing conditions.

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