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Mountain Climbing in the Kyrgyz Pamir Range

Experience the magic of the Pamir Mountains on your next adventure.

The Kyrgyz Pamir, or the Pamir Mountains, are a massive mountain range stretching through China, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. It’s home to some of the highest mountains in the world with a few of the peaks found there reaching around 7,000 meters. This makes it the perfect playground for some high altitude mountaineering.

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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Kyrgyzstan

The mountains of the Kyrgyz Pamir are some seriously imposing mountains. The tallest peak in the range is Imeni Ismail Samani Peak which sits at 7,495 meters followed closely by Lenin peak at 7,134 meters. There are many more high peaks in the 6,000-meter range to be explored.


Good to know:

Country code



Tajikistani Somoni

Best time to visit

July to mid-August


Tajik, Russian and Persian


The climate here is extreme and in winter is considered to be a polar climate over 3,000 meters. Winter lasts from October to April

How to get there

Fly to Osh or Bishkek and then organize your transfer with your guide. You can fly to Dushanbe the capital of Tajikistan but the flights there are not as regular. Another (longer and potentially more complicated) option is to travel overground from China to Irkestam which is close to Lenin Peak

More info about Mountain Climbing in Kyrgyz Pamir:

A great summit to climb is Mount Lenin. This is often referred to as one of the easiest 7,000-meter mountaineering challenges but this is misleading. It’s not easy and needs a lot of advanced planning. A good way to see if you’re ready for Lenin is to climb Razdelnaya Peak which sits at 6,100 meters or Yukhin peak at 5,100m. Much of this territory was formerly part of the Soviet Union. As such the mountains had Soviet names. Since independence, many of the names were changed. However in some cases, notably Lenin Peak, the Soviet names continue to be used

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