1-day hike in the Tarnita Lake, Apuseni Mountains, Romania


AGMR-certified guides will lead you on this 1-day hike in the Tarnita Lake, Apuseni Mountains, Romania, a sumptuous and special area full of gorgeous forests and rock formations covered in exotic flowers and vegetation, with deer, stags and wild boars also roaming the landscape.


1 Day

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




  • Hike around the epic and special area near Tarnita Lake, Romania
  • Walk through virgin forests and past immense rock formations and flora
  • Swim in the lake and the bays that surround it


The area around Tarnita Lake, nestled within the Apuseni Mountains in Romania, is considered the most impressive and magnificent natural area in Cluj County, with its raw beauty and epic scenery of lush green forests, majestic rock formations and exotic flowers and vegetation providing the perfect backdrop to the peaceful, tranquil and glorious Tarnita Lake.

Tarnita Lake is located just 30km from the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania, and is an immensely popular tourist destination owing to its proximity to the city, as well as its sheer beauty, covering 215 hectares.

Departing from Cluj-Napoca in the morning, we begin hiking in earnest as soon as we reach the lake.

Over the course of the hike we will explore and discover many of the little-used trails that dot the area, with many taking us past and through virgin forests featuring flowers and exotic vegetation. Lucky people will bear witness to the deer, stags and boars that inhabit the area.

The focal point of the hike is the superb Lucaci Stone, a lovely rock formation that offer breathtaking and sweeping views out over the lake, as well as out to the city of Cluj-Napoca.

Later in the day we will head down to the lake and swim in the many hidden bays that exist close by, before heading back to Cluj-Napoca in the afternoon, weary yet satisfied at having experienced this epic part of Romania first-hand.

This is the perfect way to spend a day out of the city  Cluj-Napoca and in gorgeous natural scenery – book now to experience!


Day 1: Tarnita Lake

Drive from Cluj-Napoca to Tarnita Lake, hike most of the day, swim in the lake, return to Cluj-Napoca.



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Please bring with you: - hiking boots - rain coat - small backpack - hiking poles - water bottle - food - swimming suit

Meeting point

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


About the guide

We are a tour operator in Romania, offering our clients the most authentic experience on Transylvanian trails in the Carpathian Mountains. We believe in ecotourism and on our hiking tours we try to impact the environment as little as possible. We take our guests closer to the local communities, to learn about their way of living and looking to help them in their future developments by collaborating with local, small tourism businesses in these areas, like traditional guest houses, local tourism agencies or sole traders.

We offer hiking tours of various difficulty levels, from easy trails designed for beginners to more challenging routes for experienced hikers. Based on your group request and your fitness level, the tours can be adapted to suit everyone. Hiking in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains is the best way to enjoy beautiful landscapes, explore vast wilderness areas and learn about ancient traditions and legends, discovering a unique culture.

Our company was created by Marius, a Certified Mountain Guide and National Tour Leader. He received the “Travel Guide of the year” award in Romania, from Luxury Travel Guide, European Awards 2017.

So what are you waiting for? Just contact us and book your next hike in Romania!

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