1+ day Ski Touring in Niseko Ski Resort in Hokkaido


  • Spend one or more days skiing on the slopes of the famed Niseko ski resort.
  • Choose from a wide selection of descents and enjoy the abundance of powder.
  • Enjoy the resort's array of restaurants, shopping and nightlife options.


Famous from international and local skiers alike, the Niseko ski resort in Hokkaido, Japan is absolutely worthy of every accolade it garners.

Receiving so much powder that it could be easily mistaken for a snow factory, Niseko is home to a number of fantastic descents. And because of its collection of lifts, getting to those descents is incredibly easy.

Along with the sheer volume of descents, the views you will receive throughout Niseko make it a great place to pause and soak in the spectacular scenery. Furthermore, Niseko is home to several great restaurants, shopping spots and nightlife.

For one day, or several days, I would like to guide you to the best descents that suit you. I will factor in your skill level, as well as the weather and snow conditions. And after we’ve found the right descent, or descents depending how long you wish to say, I have no doubt you’ll have an unforgettable time.

Enormous, and very accessible to English speakers, the Niseko ski resort is a great place to enjoy skiing in Hokkaido. If you would like to see why this resort is so renowned, just send me a request. I look forward to hearing from you.

I can also guide you on a ski touring trip in the upscale Kiroro ski resort, also located in Hokkaido.



Some accommodation options which I personally recommend in Niseko include the Hotel Kanronomori, a half board hotel that costs between 12,000 and 20,000 JPY per night, the Goshiki Onsen, which is an onsen lodging in the mountains, far from the resort and costs 4,000 JPY for self serve and 10,000 JPY for half board and the Woodpeckers, a mountain hut which costs 7,500 JPY and is half board option located just below the Niseko Moiwa ski resort.

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