1+ day Ski Touring at the Sapporo Teine Ski Resort (Hokkaido)


  • Enjoy one or more days of great skiing at the Teine ski resort in Hokkaido.
  • Choose from the easier Olympia area or the more difficult Highland area.
  • Conveniently located near the city of Sapporo.


Located near the city of Sapporo, on the island of Hokkaido in Japan, the Sapporo Teine ski resort is small, but packed with fantastic powdered descents.

There are two small areas in the Teine ski resort that you can enjoy. Those areas are Olympia and Highland. The Olympia area is great for beginners. It also still has traces of the Sapporo Olympic games that took place back in 1972. As for the Highland area, it is located higher up the mountain, at an altitude of approximately 1,000 meters above sea level. This area offers more challenging, black level descents. However, the views you will get not just of Sapporo but of the ocean are spectacular.

Due to the variety of descents the Teine ski resort offers, it is ideal for beginners and experienced skiers alike. So no matter your skill level, you’ll have a great time. However, it is important that regardless of which area you choose and level you can ski at that you are in good physical condition.

Filled with the famous powder that Hokkaido is so well known for, the skiing in the Teine ski resort is phenomenal. And because of its close proximity to Sapporo, you can easily access it from the lovely city.

If you are looking for one, or several days of skiing near Sapporo, the Teine ski resort is a great option. Filled with great descents and views, I know you’ll have a great time. To join me, just send a request. I look forward to guiding you.

I also offer a similar trip at the Sapporo Kokusai ski resort that you can enjoy here.


Where to stay in Sapporo: 

Ten to ten SAPPORO STATION: Excellent location and great prices.



Some accommodation options which I personally recommend in Sapporo include the Route Inn Sapporo and the Sapporo Aspen hotel, which costs between 8,000 and 9,000 JPY and does not include food, and the Sapporo Grand Hotel, which costs between 10,000 and 20,000 JPY.

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Sapporo Teine Ski Resort


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