1+ day Ski Touring at the Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort (Hokkaido)


  • Come and enjoy one or more days of skiing at the Kokusai ski resort.
  • Enjoy the abundance of fantastic powder Hokkaido is so famous for.
  • Explore the nearby city of Sapporo.


One of the many wonderful ski resorts in Japan, the Sapporo Kokusai ski resort on the island of Hokkaido is a great place to visit for tremendous skiing.

The powder at the Kokusai ski resort is second to none. As plentiful as it is exquisite, the snow at the resort is incredible. In fact, many claim that more snow falls in the resort area than in the famed town of Niseko. And on this trip, which can last one, or several days if you wish, you will get to enjoy that snow on a number of different descents.

While not very well known in the international skiing community, the Kokusai ski resort is very well known by local skiers from Sapporo, as well as other parts of Hokkaido. So if you are looking for that place where the people who live nearby prefer to go, then the Kokusai ski resort is definitely for you. Moreover, even though the resort is near Sapporo, the weather can sometimes be drastically different. Hence giving the resort area a distinct atmosphere that is well worth enjoying.

Filled with fantastic descents and great views, you can’t go wrong with ski touring at the Kokusai resort. And whether it’s for one day, or several, I have no doubt you’ll have a wonderful experience. Just send me a request if you would like to enjoy it for yourself.

I can also take you ski touring at the Teine ski resort, also in Hokkaido, on this trip.


Where to stay in Sapporo: 

Ten to ten SAPPORO STATION: Excellent location and great prices.



Some accommodation options which I personally recommend in Sapporo include the Route Inn Sapporo and the Sapporo Aspen hotel, which costs between 8,000 and 9,000 JPY and does not include food, and the Sapporo Grand Hotel, which costs between 10,000 and 20,000 JPY.

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Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort


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