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4-day Glacier travel and rescue course on the Loma Larga glacier, near Santiago, Chile


  • Enjoy a 4-day glacier travel and rescue course.
  • Spend 2 days on the amazing Loma Larga Glacier.
  • Located near the city of Santiago.


Travelling on glacial terrain is a truly unique and thrilling experience. Like walking through a frigid sea, full of frozen waves, there really isn’t any terrain like that which can be found on a glacier. However, traversing glaciers can be challenging because the terrain is very unpredictable. Hence, why I am happy to offer this 4-day course that will teach you all about how to safely and successfully travel on glaciers. Furthermore, this course will take place on the breathtaking, and enormous, Loma Larga Glacier, which is near the city of Santiago in Chile.

Throughout this course, you will learn a great deal. Some examples of what will be covered includes the following.

  • How to use technical and safety equipment, including carabiners, pulleys, braking devices, ice axes, elevators, helmet and harnesses, rope, ribbons, screws and stakes.

  • Walking techniques

  • Stringing methods

  • How to properly tie knots

  • Natural anchorages

  • Fast assurance maneuvers

  • Descent by controlled rope, rappelling

  • Rescue techniques

The course will consist of 4 continuous days. Two days will be spent on the Loma Larga Glacier and two days will be spend in a classroom environment.

In order to participate on this course, you should be in good physical condition. You should also have taken a basic mountaineering course, along with a course that involves rope management.

Walking on the surface of a glacier is an experience you will never forget. However, it is an experience that you should properly know how to do. To learn how, just send a request.

I also offer a 2-day orienteering course near Santiago as well, which you can enjoy here.


Meeting point


Equipment you will need to bring


Other gear: carabiners, stakes, screws, pulleys


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