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5 Day Hut-to-hut Wapta Skiing Traverse From Peyto to Scott Duncan | undefined

5 Day Hut-to-hut Wapta Skiing Traverse From Peyto to Scott Duncan

Join Brent, an IFMGA certified guide, for a 5 day, hut to hut, Wapta skiing traverse that will take you from Peyto to Scott Duncan in the Canadian Rockies.






5 Days


Jan, Dec






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  • Traverse through the incredible Wapta ice field in the Rockies of Canada.
  • Spend every night in a different hut, from the Peyto to the Scott Duncan hut.
  • Challenge yourself on different ascents and thrilling descents.


For 5 exciting days, I would like to guide you on an unforgettable hut to hut skiing traverse in the Wapta ice field.

During this 5 day adventure, you will see all of the beauty of not only the Wapta ice field, but also the Canadian Rockies. You will also get to venture to a number of different huts. Those huts include the Peyto hut, the Bow hut, the Balfour hut and the Scott Duncan hut. Each one of these huts is different in both size and the views they offer. However, you can rest assured that each one will provide you with the comfortable conditions required to give you proper rest for the following day’s ski touring.

Throughout this trip, there are a number of amazing highlights that you will get to see firsthand. Below are just a few examples of those highlights.

  • Petyo lake

  • Peyto glacier

  • Mount Ronda

  • Mount Habel

  • Vulture col

  • Mount St. Nicolas

  • Mount Olive

  • Balfour high col

  • Mount Gordon

  • Sherbrooke lake

During this trip, we will be traversing from 4 to 8 hours per day. We will be covering distances that range from 6 to 15 kilometers per day. And we will be ascending from 150 meters to 1100 meters per day and descending from 300 meters to 1000 meters per day. As a result, it is important that participants on this trip have prior ski touring experience and are in good physical condition.

Immersive, exciting and at times challenging, by the end of this trip at the Wapta ice field you will have a tremendous amount of memories you can look back upon fondly. To be a part of it, just send me a request. I look forward to guiding you.

I also lead a 7 day ski touring trip at the Boulder hut, which also includes an AST2 avalanche skills training course.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Permit and entrance fees

Price details

The price includes the guiding fee, hut fees, backcountry entrance fees, meals and glacier travel equipment, including harness, ropes, crampons and more.

Secure your spot with just 25% payment

48-hour free cancellation with 30-day advance booking


Day 1: Peyto hut

After a drive to Peyto lake, we will traverse the iced over lake. Afterwards we will ascent to the morraine ridge, which we will then descend to the Petyo glacier and make our way up to the Peyto hut, where we will spend the night. We will be travelling for approximately 7-8 hours, covering a distance of 10 kilometers with an ascent of 670 meters.

Day 2: Bow hut

Today we will descent from the Peyto hut to the Wapta ice field, which we will then traverse on our way to the Bow hut. We will be travelling for approximately 6-7 hours, covering a distance of 6 kilometers with an ascent of 150 meters and descent of 300 meters. There are also optional climbs you can enjoy that would increase all of the aforementioned numbers.

Day 3: Balfour hut

Today we will traverse the col between Mount Olive and Mount St. Nicolas on our way to the Balfour hut, where we will spend the night. Depending on conditions, you may be able to ascend and descend Mt. Gordon, Mount St. Nicolas and Mt. Olive. We will be travelling for approximately 4 hours, covering a distance of 7 kilometers with an ascent of 580 meters and descent of 430 meters. However, if you are able to ascend and descend any of the peaks, all of those numbers will increase dramatically.

Day 4: Scott Duncan hut

Today will be challenging as we make our way to the Balfour high col. After that, we will descend to the Scott Duncan hut, where we will spend the night. We will be covering a distance of 14 kilometers with an ascent of 1030 meters.

Day 5: Great Divide Lodge

On the final day of this trip, we will traverse to the Niles Saddle and descend to the Sherbrooke lake. After crossing the lake, we will then make our way to the Great Divide lodge.

About the guide: Brent

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Mountain Guide

Based in Canmore, Alberta, I am an IFMGA- and ACMG-certified mountain guide. I also serve in the Canadian Armed Forces and am a founding partner of the Outward Bound Veterans Program.

My mission is for you to learn the skills to be competent and independent in the backcountry. I will break down complex skill sets into individual building blocks for you to learn progressively and confidently. After learning the skills, you will get to practice them in the backcountry with my guidance or that of one of the ACMG-certified guides in my team.





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What people are saying about Brent



Admin was efficient for paying Communications were hit and miss. Took too long to answer questions about the day / route etc. We were beginners and the guide chose a route that was too challenging. One member of group dropped out the day before. The requested refund never even got a reply about. Let alone confirmation



Great guide, found us snow in the driest of year



Brent is an excellent guide. He was stoked to be able to share his mountain environment with others. Unfortunately he had damaged his knee so arranged for another local guide to take me out for the day. Ethan was also exceptional. Brent got in contact to ensure my day was tailored to me my experience and to ensure I got the most out of the day. I was without a car so Brent picked me up and dropped me off I had a great morning in the mountains learning new techniques for multi pitch routes and then spent the afternoon working on my trad gear placement and anchor building. Excellent instruction on gear placement and rating it. We fitted so much into the day. But always with an inclusive teaching style. I can’t recommend them enough. Both guides passionately sharing their knowledge and teaching skills, keen for their clients to learn to be more independent safer and capable in the mountains.



Brent was amazing! He gave me a great experience, taught me new techniques, made me feel safe, and catered my experience to exactly what I wanted. This was by far my favorite part of my whole vacation to the area!



Brent taught us to lead climb at a local crag. It was a great time and I’d recommend it to anyone regardless of climbing skill level. He’s open to teaching or guiding wherever you want to go.

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