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4-day trekking program in Ponga Natural Park


The Ponga Natural Park is a reserve of about 20,000 hectares. It is located in the Asturian municipality of Ponga, in the central-eastern region of the Cantabrian Mountains (2,648m). It lays between the famous Picos de Europa National Park and the Redes Natural Park.

Ponga Natural Park is a remote mountain area covered with dense beech, yew, oak, birch, maple, and alder forests. It contains the well-known Peloño Nature Reserve, a beautiful large beech wooded mass of great ecological importance, which extends over 15km2, including about 200,000 trees.

We will meet at the City Hall Square of the parish of San Juan de Beleño, Ponga’s capital. And then we'll depart from the Les Bedules gazer. During 4 days, I will guide you through Ponga Natural Park’s vast green valleys, rivers and steep hills. So we'll explore some of its less-known corners.

Also, we'll climb some of the most iconic peaks in the area, enjoying beautiful views. Along the way, we might be lucky and spot some of the typical Asturian alpine species. Some of them are brown bears, deer, roe deer, chamois, wild boars, otters, muskrat. And there are magnificent birds as well, like golden eagles, griffon vultures, goshawks, and black woodpeckers.

We will spend 4 nights in the medieval farmhouse of Ventaniella (1,158m), sited near the Asturian parish of Sobrefoz. It's also close to the limit between Asturias and the province of Leon. These ancient ranches used to serve as shelters for people travelling long days across the Cantabrian Mountains, as well as for cattle. Please note that Ventaniella does not provide any bedding service, so you will need to bring your own sleeping bag.

For your reference, I will take groups of a minimum of 4 people on this tour and a maximum of 8. Below you will find a detailed itinerary of the trip. However, please be mindful that this can be slightly adjusted depending on the weather conditions, as well as on shelters’ availability.

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In case you are interested in a shorter hike, I also offer a 2-day program in Ponga Natural Park. If you are looking for other similar outings in the area, check out the 5-day trek in Picos de Europa National Park and the Redes Natural Park fall trek in 3 days.


Day 1: Peloño Natural Reserve - Ventaniella refuge

Our adventure will begin at Les Bedules and we’ll hike across the Peloño Nature Reserve. Then, we’ll head to the Ventaniella shelter (1,158m), which will host us during the whole journey.

Day 2: Arcenorio

We’ll trek along the Les Arriondes track, between the Peña Ten (2,142m) and Peña Pileñes (2,012m) peaks, descending through the long Arcenorio glacial valley. It holds a hermitage (1,500m), which serves as a traditional pilgrimage site that hosts an annual fair (the highest in Asturias), visited by locals and tourists, where livestock, as well as agricultural and handcraft local products, were historically sold. We will then return to Ventaniella via the same route.

Day 3: Peña Ten

On this day we’ll hike along the Ventaniella trail and then ascend the Peña Ten peak (2,142m). We will descend via the Les Arriondes path, back to Ventaniella.

Day 4: Picu Pierzu

Our last day will be the day where we climb the Picu Pierzu peak (1,552m), taking the trail from the Llomena hill (between the villages of San Juan de Beleño and Viego). We will enjoy great views to impressive peaks, such as the Tiatordos (1,951m), and the massive alpine forests in the park. We will return along the same path.




Ventaniella refuge

More info

You need to bring your own sleeping bag.

Meeting point

San Juan de Beleño’s City Hall Square (Asturias, Spain)


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