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Redes Natural Park fall trek in 3 days

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Join AEGM-certified mountain guide Ruben on a 3-day trekking trip in the scenic Redes Natural Park, in the heart of the Cantabrian Mountains, in northern Spain.

Cantabrian Mountains

3 Days





Redes Natural Park is located in the central-eastern region of the Cantabrian Mountains (2,648m), in the south of the Principality of Asturias, in the north of Spain. It stretches over ​​377.36 km2, within the municipalities of Caso and Sobrescobio, bounding with the Ponga Natural Park.

Recognized for its natural abundance and high state of conservation, Redes Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA). It features a great variety of landscapes: glacial formations, karstic caves and sinkholes, limestone gorges, lakes, vast fertile valleys, hills, and – mainly – forests. Dense wooded masses cover 40% of the park. While most of these are beech forests, it also comprises woods of alders, birches, ash trees, maples, oaks, yews, and holly, which host a great variety of fascinating wildlife, including all the typical species in northern Spain.

Redes Park lodges protected species of mammals, such as brown bears, otters, cave bats, and Geoffroy’s bats. Rare species such as the Iberian desman and the Iberian wolf, as well as chamois, roe deer, wild boar, martens, badgers, and foxes can be found as well. Among the birds, the park nurses the endangered Cantabrian grouse, as well as the real eagle, the alimoche, the peregrine falcon, and owls.

During our journey, we will travel a total distance of 47 kilometers, with a 2,391-meter ascent. Our meeting point will be Redes Natural Park’s Visitor Center, in the village of Campo de Caso. Departing from the small town of Bezanes (658m), during 3 days we will hike along the park’s trails, exploring its varied terrain, and climb a few prominent peaks, such as the Peña'l Vientu (2,000m) and the Cantu l'Osu (1,800m).

I will take groups of a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 on this tour. Below you will find a detailed itinerary of the program. However, please note that this can be slightly adjusted depending on the weather conditions, as well as on the mountain refuge’s availability.

Discover the beautiful Redes Natural Park in this 3-day hiking outing. Send me your booking request now!

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Day 1: Bezanes - Brañagallones

We will depart from the village of Bezanes (658m), gradually ascending to the heart of the Redes Natural Park, up to the mountain meadow of Brañagallones (1,240m), where the refuge that will lodge us during these days lays.

The trail begins in a forest of chestnut trees, opening to a heathland that will lead us to the Texu la Oracion gazer. After the Grandiella gazer (1,130m), the path becomes steeper, between beech and birch trees, up to the Argayu’l Llobu pass. We will then cross the Creston Tunnel, from where we will see beech woods that cover the park. We will gradually ascend to the Brañagallones, which is the result of the natural filling of an old glacial lake.

Distance: 13km                     Ramp: ↑ 815m ↓ 267m

Day 2: Brañagallones - Peña'l Vientu – Ubales Lake - Brañagallones

We will head south through the valley of the Monasteriu River, across a beech forest, reaching the Valdebezon area. We will then hike west, leaving on the left the sharp ridges of the Cuchilla, to climb the Peña ‘l Vientu peak (2,000m), from where we will enjoy great views over the park. We will descend along the mountain’s south slope, towards the Les Aguyes pass, reaching the Raya l’Acebal passage, and then take the Xara pass up to the Ubales glacial lake. Soon after, we will head to Mericueria and return to Brañagallones.

Distance: 13km                     Ramp: ↑ 950m ↓ 950m

Day 3: Brañagallones - Cantu'l Osu - Brañagallones - Bezanes

We will trek east, across the Brañagallones and the Ferramoru meadows, from where we will ascend Cantu’l Osu peak (1,800m), which offers a panoramic view over Redes, as well as to the neighboring Picos de Europa National Park. Finally, we will descend to Bezanes, via Brañagallones.

Distance: 21km                     Ramp: ↑ 636m ↓ 1,174m



More info

The refuge offers blankets. Therefore, you will only need to carry a thin sleeping bag or bed sheets.

Meeting point

Redes Natural Park’s Visitor Center (Campo de Caso village, Asturias, Spain)

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