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Backcountry Ski Tour in Tateyama, Toyama

Backcountry Ski Tour in Tateyama, Toyama | undefined

3-day backcountry and ski touring trip in Tateyama, a unique ski resort in the North of the Japan Alps, together with a JMGA mountain guide.

Japan Alps

2 Days

Apr - Jun, Aug, Sep, Nov




Tateyama is a heavy snowfall area in the North of the Japan Alps. There are several peaks within the range that are over 3000 meters. This place can only be reasonably accessed for back country skiing for a limited time each year, when the Kurobe Alpen Route (series of cable cars, electric buses etc.) is open. This is end of November, and from end of April until September.

It lays on the south east of the city of Toyama and it has two main areas: Raicho Valley and Gokurakuzaka.

This region is named after Tateyama mountain, which is otherwise known as Mount Tata). At 3015 m, this is one of the three holy mountains in the country.

During this 2**-day trip**, we’ll enjoy some exciting back country ski touring in a unique and beautiful area of Japan!

This is a perfect destination for back country skiing from early season to late season. It also offers some great options for advanced skiers, so if you are one of them, don’t miss your chance!

Please, contact me if you want to join me for this trip. I’m sure we’ll have a great time, not only skiing but also enjoying some delicious Japanese food and its traditional onsen.

Price includes

- Guiding fee


Day 1 to 2: Murodou Terminal / Raicho Inn

The first day we’ll meet at Murodou Terminal at 10:00 am.

Then, I will take you to Raicho Inn. After lunch, we’ll start our backcountry tour!

We will be back to Raicho Inn around 4:00 pm, just in time to relax and enjoy an Onsen (hot spring.)

You will love a delicious dinner and, before going to bed, we will have a meeting to talk about the following day’s adventure.

The second day, our tour will finish around 3:00 pm at Murodou Terminal.



More info

Transportation fee: -From Toyama Sta. to Murodou is JPY3,630 per person (round trip JPY6,710) -From Shinano-Ohmachi (Nagano side) to Murodou is JPY7,220 per person (round trip JPY11,550).

The accommodation and transportation fee for the guide must be split between all members.

Kit List: -Gear for backcountry ski (skies, split board, snowboard) -Skins, snowshoes -Ski boots -Sunglasses -Goggles -Gloves -Ski wear -Helmet -Warm clothes (neck warmer, balaclava, etc.) -Snack -Toiletry goods -Safety gears (beacon, probe, shovel)

The following items are available for rent by prior arrangement: Beacon, probe, shovel, backpack, snowshoes, poles.

Meeting point

Murodou Terminal at 10:00 am.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

I live in Gifu prefecture in Japan, which is famous for Shrakawago UNESCO World Heritage Site and also becoming famous as the backcountry skiing / snowboarding arena known for its DEEP snow and STEEP terrains.

I am a JMGA certified mountain guide, also certified in Wilderness First Aid. Following my competition years in snowboarding, I became a guide because I liked backcountry snowboarding and wanted to propose safe and fun trips to clients, where I can share my experiences and joys that I felt in the mountains. I spend the winter exploring new backcountry terrains and spend rest of the year climbing mountains. I have accomplished a snowboard descent from the summit of Denali in 2013.
My motto is to guide “safely and fun”, and therefore I aspire to guide small groups. I value the time I spend with each of my guests and this way I can spend more time communicating with clients and for clients to get to know each other better.

I believe that mountain climbing experience should not just be about standing on the summit but also enjoying the nature on the mountain as a whole, learning about the history, and getting a taste of the culture. Shirakawago, in Gifu, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can also enjoy onsen and local cuisine.

Whether it be walking in the mountains, touching the snow, rock, grass or water, or hiking, canyoning, rock climbing, or backcountry skiing, I believe that experiences in the outdoors will enrich your life. Japan is a country of 4 distinct seasons, blessed with rich and beautiful nature. Let’s have fun together in this nature, using all your 5 senses, moving your bodies and feel the rhythm of the nature and of the Earth. I would love to share my outdoor experiences with you and I endeavour to guide in a way to connect people to people, and people to nature in the natural rhythm of the nature.


Japanese | English



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What people are saying about Ryuta


I think Ryuta is a great guide. The tour was quite nice. I loved the lines we did. It would've been 5 stars if his English was better but his assistant guide was of great help especially in communication. Otherwise, I felt quite safe with him and his abilities


Without a doubt, Ryuta-san exceeded all of my expectations. His level of professionalism, planning, client care and willingness to go the extra mile are on par with the best in the business. He is also the first dedicated splitboard guide I've toured with, so this was an added plus!


Everything was just great, him and his partner were fully dedicated to our group and tried their best to make the most out of our day. The lines were great and they were super safety-conscious. I wish his English was a bit better, so that we'd get to interact more and learn more about the mountain, some local stories etc... Cheers!



Great mountain, awesome guide, good times. Only for dedicated backcountry enthusiasts though.

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