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Guided 6-day Ski Touring, High Tyrol

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Join a certified guide Andreas for a 6-Day Ski Tour through the spectacular High Tyrol area of Eastern Austria.


6 Days




Join me for a 6-day Ski Tour through the amazing High Tyrol area of the Eastern Alps.

Surrounded by beautiful peaks, the views you will receive in this rich, high Alpine area are nothing short of incredible. This trek will also not only involve skiing, but some climbing as well. Hence making this trip truly unforgettable.

Each day of this 6 Day Itinerary is full of excitement. Each day is full of amazing things to see and do. It will be challenging though, as most days will involve anywhere between 6 to 9 Hours of Trekking. However, with so much to see in the crisp air of the High Tyrol, the time will fly by just as you will be flying through the snow.

Highlighted by some of the highest, greatest peaks in the High Tyrol area of the Alps, you will always have a majestic peak of a great mountain looming over you, just waiting for you to look up and admire. You will see the Hochalmspitze (3,360m), Grossvenediger (3,657m), Granatspitze (3,086m), and the Highest Mountain in Austria, Grossglockner (3,798m). For Grossglockner, the crown of Austria, you will be taking off your Skis and putting on your Crampons before making your way to the summit. The climb is steep and there are several exposed areas, but the view after conquering it is nothing short of incredible.

You will also get to see several stupendous valleys during this trek, including the amazing Innergschloss Valley. You will also get to eat some of the finest cuisine in the entire Alpine area at the Studhutte.

So come and join me on this amazing skiing and climbing trek through the High Tyrol region of the Alps. Where Snowy Peaks and Endless Valleys await.

I will be awaiting your message.

And if you want to join me on another Ski Touring Trek through the Eastern Alps, you can join me on this 5-day Hut to Hut Tour in Otztal here.

Price includes

- Guiding fee


Day 1: Kasern in the Ahrntal Valley

Equipment check and taxi transfer to Kasern for acclimatization. Ascend of 1,700m and departure of 1,160m.

Day 2: Hochalmspitze (3,360m)

Ascent of 1,200m and departure of 1,200m. Approximately 6.5 hours.

Day 3: Grovenediger (3,657m)

Crossing the Grovenediger, and descending through the Innergschloss Valley. Ascent of 1,550m, and departure of 2,150. Approximately 8 hours.

Day 4: Granatspitze (3,086m)

Participants will go over the Amertalerhohe to the Granatspitze and through the village valley to Kals. Ascent of 1,550m and departure of 1,900m. Approximately 9 hours.

Day 5: Lucknerhaus

After breakfast, taxi to the Lucknerhaus and go to Studhutte. Approximately 3 hours. Ascent of 900m.

Day 6: Grossglockner (3,798m)

Change Skis to Crampons and make climb to summit of Grossglockner. Ascend of 1000m and depature of 1,900m. Approximately 7 hours.



More info

The total taxi transfers to and from Bruneck Station is approximately 80 Euros per person and is not included in the price, and is an extra charge. If participants do not have skis or Crampons they can be provided at an extra cost.

Meeting point

6 AM at Bruneck Station.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

My name is Andreas Biberger. I grew up in Mittenwald, in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Already as a child I was drawn to the mountains and spent a lot of time as a child on skis. At some point I started with rock climbing and everything developed gradually. After school, I first learned the profession of coach builder for cars and I also liked it a lot.

Again and again I also joined climbing courses at the local mountain school. Then I started a training to become a state-certified mountain and ski guide. I have always been passionate about endurance sports so I also tried other sports, such as triathlon, and participated in probably the most famous competition, the Ironman in Hawaii. Mountain biking is another big passion of mine.

I am a certified-IFMGA mountain guide, and for more than 20 years I have accompanied guests through the Alps several times a year. But I still like to travel in my homeland in the mountains and guide my guests to lesser-known but beautiful peaks.





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Zugspitze via Hollental route was stunning right from the beginning until the end. This was probably the most beautiful climb for me. I enjoyed Ferrara and every step of the climb. I asked Andi to start at 4:30 as I was worry about thunderstorm in the afternoon and he was happy to accommodate my request. Andi was very caring, knowledgeable and patient as I always want to take lots of picture throughout the trip. This is my 3rd trip via Explore-share and I like free hassle of no need to look for a guide on the internet so may use them again in the feature.

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